Tap Shoes and Pizza Boxes

The music Cole had to listen to in this art room was very unlike anything Cole had ever listened to before. Very lyrical and- he felt stereotypical for saying/thinking this- somewhat girly. However, he soon found it was the best atmosphere for creating his art. In this room it was all about him.

The day when he had stumbled upon this glorious building with crawling vines was one of the best days of his life. Meeting Mrs. Musk, the coolest person ever, contrary to what he had first come to conclude,changed his life.After she had realized who Cole was and what he had been up to, she took him under her wing and mellowed out a bit.

"You were right about the stars; each one is a setting sun." The music player sang out to the room, "don't worry you can come back anytime, I'll be around. Tall buildings shake, voices escape tuned to chords strummed down your cheeks…" The song was sad, and Cole loved it. The music was nothing to Queen of course, but just right for what he needed at the moment.

Mrs. Musk was much younger than she appeared to be. Cole had guessed her to be around her mid 40s, but in reality she was only 31 years old. She said that she had had gray hair since college, that it ran in her family. Cole wasn't sure if he believed her. She seemed the type of person to possibly want her hair to be gray and maybe… even… dye it gray. The thought made Cole shudder.

Cole had learned many interesting things about Mrs. Musk that day when he had found her studio. She had recently married an accordion player for some folk band that travels around the world to raise money for poverty in various parts of the world. She normally goes with him, but now that they are married and no longer receiving monthly checks from her overly rich parents, she thought that she should get a job herself. The life of a starving artist appeals to her.She opened thisnice studio here in "Little France" (what everybody calls the town that is unable to be pronounced) in April and she says that it has been a complete success. Everybody who has come across this place has fallen in love with Mrs. Musk and her talent and passion for art. Not only is she able to create masterpieces, but she knows about almost every type of art out there as well as all the major artists in the world, current and… not so current.DeadMrs. Musk just says that she thinks every single person should be able to experience the 'awesome-ness" of art in all of its forms.Although, she always says"you have to know and accept the classics before you can go crazy." That quote is for all the people who think that modern and abstractart is a breeze and want to just dive on in. It's like taking Bikram Yoga before taking regular yoga. You just don't do it.

In the month Cole has been in this studio he has also grown to love Mrs. Musk just like how everybody said he would. Strangely enough Mrs. Musk has also become rather attached to Cole. Two odd shaped peas in a pod.