uThe Belt/u

A battered sanity hanging on a thread

What's going on inside his head

A solo youth moving slowly through an empty house

as quickly and silently as a little mouse

Bruises covered his face

Blood flowing still, at a slower pace

Tonight he's had enough

He's tired of being tough

Just a boy at age thirteen

and tonight is his night of reckoning

Step-daddy got drunk again

And this time used more than his hand

The mother is in denial

She's been making him lie for quite a while

But tonight he's had enough

He's sick and tired of being tough

He grabs a belt from his step-dads room

because his isn't big enough to make the loop

Walking down the hall, he grabs a chair

And positions it where he thinks is fair

Climbing up on top

he loops his belt around the rafter and ties a knot

silent tears flowing as he makes out the letter

Not even wishing anymore that he had it better

He slides the belt through the loop at the end

And slipping it around his neck, let's it tighten

Wobble, wobble, wobble

The chair is ready to topple

The sound of a key in the door

And the chair tips over

The letter slips out of his hand

A single tear makes it's way down his face

The door opens with a gasp

And now they have to live with their disgrace