By Anne Hereatta

Maybe when the fires of the mountain
Swallow us up
Maybe when the angels of heaven
Take us away

Maybe when the trees of the forest
Burn and die
Maybe when the waters of the rivers
Dry up and drown

Maybe that's when we'll realize
How foolish we were

Somehow the angels are taking me away
Why have you been left behind?
And now the fires are burning you up
Let me feel your pain

Drowning in the fires
Burning in the seas
There's something wrong with this heaven
Or is there something wrong with me?

Tell me how I treat this pain that's welling up inside
Tell me how to get away from all this dying

We've both lost so much
While we're gaining all this pain
It all seems so silly now
How we thought we ruled the heavens

Now I think I realize that we need to get away
We need to leave this to anyone but us
We are too unpure
Too unclean

But yet you seem to smile at me
And then begin to leer
How can you not realize how far we've gone?
We are no longer looking for goodness

Looking toward the pain
I know now that you weren't in it for love
You weren't even in it for hate
You were in it for power

Power that rules love
Power that rules hate

Power is the single thing that tears up all our lives
Power is the thing that can break love and hate
And leave some more behind I don't want that power

I don't know why you do

Author's Note: This is something that just seemed to come onto the keys on the keyboard. I don't really know what I was thinking while I wrote it but I think it has a pretty good message...

Luv, Anne Hereatta