You once said to me

Don't worry baby

There's room for both of us

We'll stay together

For ever and ever

And never heartache will touch.

Well you said these words

And turned away

To leave me alone to dream

But what of words

They were memories

It's never as it seems.

As the years passed by

The days gathered speed

And we were still as one

Yet I suppress an urge

To fight the nerves

To pick up that leaded gun.

Without any warning

One day it was dawning

That I must run and hide

But I had business

And business to complete

To revenge the days I cried.

So I awaited the dark

And hid like a rat

Knowing what was next

And as the door opened

My throat tightened

I disposed of him like a pest.

I now sit in this room

And stare at the wall

Seeing the past replayed

And I cry for the one

Whom I did love

And whom I gave a grave.

By Siobhan Austen

Date: 15 August 2005