She's sitting in the pieces
Strewn across the floor
Trying to find their partners
To make it whole once more.

She knows what it looked like
And remembers how it feels
The puzzle is now broken
But somehow all wounds heal.

The shattered pieces are hers
The puzzle is her won
It's only her to fix it
By herself and all alone.

The picture is slowly forming
But with many broken pieces
The heart that's gone again
In a game that never ceases.

It's not so bad this time
She'll have it back together
Only a few pieces left
And then it will last forever.

She won't let him near it
Not again; never
She has two on that list
The list that lasts forever.

The puzzle pieces are hers
And so is the broken heart
Somehow she never remembers
That there was a broken part.

The pieces on the floor
Are gone and back together
This time it won't happen
Her heart is one forever.