It seems that I find myself,

Almost every night,

Comforting those I love.

You know what?

I'm sick of this-

Why can't people just accept

Each other's choices,

And not try to fix

Everything that could hurt a little.


Pain makes people grow.

That's not an exclamation,

Not a plea,

It's just a fact.


I should know.


Let's just be happy for a while,

Enjoy the sun,

Love the grass and trees,

Stop for a moment and smell the flowers.

It can't be that hard,

Can it?


Most of those I hold as they cry

Have known pain.

But how many have known true sadness?

One, maybe two.

Not that many.

That fact warms my heart,

Yet at the same time

I find myself frustrated

At these people

Who live in this drama.


Yet I will always be there

To hold them when they cry,

Comfort them when they hurt,

Whisper reassuring words in their doubt.

Because that is who I am,

And what kind of friend would I be

If I turned my back

Just because life isn't perfect

And my friends

Cant see the summer?