Quintessa leaned against the wall shuddering and wiping her mouth. She noticed for the thousandth time that her floor was filthy, and for the thousandth time resolved to clean in the next chance she got. Kaia reached over her and flushed the toilet, glaring at her all the time."The hell. You said you'd fucking stopped this," she snarled. Quin blinked up at her blearily.
"I lied. Don't sound so shocked, you should be used to it," she told her, standing up slowly. "When'd you get here?" Her legs trembled and Kaia grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the bathroom. She yanked her through the apartment to the front room and sat down at her computer.
"The Fucking. Hell. I told you last week that I would come by to take you out for lunch, damnit, and then I come and find you barfing up your fucking tuna fish. You want me to stop sounding shocked?" She threw open the closet door and began tearing through the rack.
"Why are you so upset? You were fine until just recently, you now, then you started throwing these damned fits and I don't know what the hell you want anymore," Quin grumbled, beginning to log onto her computer. Kaia pulled Quin's coat out of the closet.
"You know exactly what the hell I want, dammit. I want you to stop trying to fucking kill yourself." She pulled Quin back out of the chair and threw the coat at her. "Put that on, I'm taking you to a clinic."
"The fuck, you're not my mother it's not your business just lemme alone for a little while," she protested as she put on her coat. "'Sides I've got bloody appointments today Vendetta is supposed to come by with something for Jeret and then-"
"No. We are going to the clinic. Leave a note or something, alright? V told me to take care of you. You're no good for anyone fucking starved to death." Kaia bit her lip and glared, and Quinn stopped protesting. "Good girl," she whispered, setting a hat on Quin's head. "Dun wanna get burnt now do you?" Quin stayed silent as her friend grabbed her hand and led her out the door and down the stairs. She knew it wouldn't make a difference, Kaia was just in denial, another psycho worried about her fucking self esteem when her actual health was clearly at stake. Nothing would change, Quin knew that.
Quin didn't realize how often they had to stop for her to catch her breath on the way.

A/N: Quintessa is a bulimic albino that I created one late night at UU's house. My charas are generally happier than this... And Kaia is also featured in one of my other bits-collections.