The jumble of bottles and tubes gleamed as only plastic can from the drawer. It hung out at an angle when opened more than a quarter of the way. Quinn kept meaning to get it fixed, but never got around to it. Now she was too busy smearing flesh-colored cream over her skin, and slipping in contact lenses. She had an appointment to meet one of V's agents today, outside her apartment. This was noteworthy, since they normally just came to her.

She resented begin made to put on her mask for the world. If she went out without it, her skin was brilliant red in minutes, and she was half-blinded. The staring and questions from strangers didn't help.

She dug through the drawer for her sunglasses. They were pretty and thin-rimmed. They were expensive and prescription, and they always made Quinn feel even fatter than usual. Slipping them on, she checked her reflection for any missed patches of skin, and left her bathroom with a sigh.