Shrieks echo along the walls, breathe is short, but does not pause, something follows, presses near, eyes catch glimpse, ears reach out to hear, where,
what, who, intent clear with cealment, time of strike undetermined, flash of color, wave of sounds, my for advances full, knocked down, unnamed, hopelessly doomed,
beast top my tender flesh, devouring its intent, pulls back in pain, shills ring, blood drips, my hero unseen, but oppertunity not left unment, scrabble,
slide, must survive, safety reached, turn look, where my salvation stood, a slinder girl beneth a hood, bow in hand and smile board, eyes misty as the fog, light, wake, shift in bed, all just a dream made up in my head,
yet those eyes haunt me still, so deep, so beautiful,
who was that maiden which saved my life, where is she going, and from wince did she come, my heart longs for her, even though I know not even her name, the girl of my dreams, than dreams I shall return, and all pity to the silly fool that wakes me from my slumbering hunt again.