Little Laura Moon

Never was there a truer love,
than little Laura Moon, and silly William Sun. They danced, they sung, they cuddled too. They swooned,
never was there a truer love,
than little Laura and silly William.
Now stop a moment and realize this, these two lovers rarely share the sky. More often than not, Sun doth shine or Moon glow,
yet in one you see the other,
and the reflection of their happiness alike love most true can be seen every night as well as daylight too.
Thus when these two met and these love shines brighter than ever, no mortal ran witness such a pure eclispe of love most true. So I chllenge you this over lovers by hope, try not to fall into to a love, and keep it by hope or trust,
but make it blinding to all mortals,
so none can mistake such a true love, like little Laura Moon and silly William Sun.