We are but shadows in this life,
and with each tick we slowly die,
yet there stands a seldom few,
that glow and shine past their time.
These few we sometimes know,
the presidents, the leaders, the inventers too. Then there are those,
who are just, different. They stand appart from all the rest, not to be written down in all the books, but at least one or two. These are the ones I admire, not because I was forced to learn their names, dates,
and birth days too, but because out of all the people in this world,
they caught my eye and others too.
For the person they were, for the person we knew, those are the people that should be in the books taught in our schools. Not the first man on the moon, or the president of Kalamroo, but those who made us stop, and think for a moment, those who we'll never forget, even without being tested on it, those who our lives are changed by,
those who we cry beside, those who made a difference by being different.