Child- (A Song from the Goddess)

You are scared child

Walking down your road

You are so unsure child

Never knowing where to belong

But you doubt and you cling

To something you hold so dear

But sometimes if you love him

You have to let him go

He will come back to you

I know, I know

It's hard to comprehend

But remember when it all goes down

I will be your friend

When you need

When you love

When there is no sunshine above

Never are you alone

I will never leave you alone

You are mine child

Across the road I will hold your hand

You are the one child

The one who will carry on

When he needs

When he loves

When there is no sunshine above

Never will he be alone

With you by his side

He might push and shove you

But he will regret neglecting you

You are his, he is yours

And your love will always be eternally

Don't be afraid child

The end is a road of gold

Just keep walking child

Even when the winter is cold

There is nothing there that you can't handle

That you can't battle and overcome

And I'll be there every step of the way for you