"Jesse is just some boy, it's a long story. Nothing you need to know," Lottie answered.

"And none of your business," Lola added, "Anyways, I'm going to have to cut your hair, this shag style won't due."

I gulped, "This shag style is a classic look, I'm sure some guy back then had it."

"Please, even hobos back then had clean cut hair," Valerie smiled.

"No, I'm letting you guys cut my hair! I like my hair!"

"More than Ginger," Lottie smiled.

"Okay, so I like Ginger, can you blame me?"

"Actually no. So what did you feel when she called you Jesse?" Lola said.

"Weird, why, what's going on?"

This is getting too….Twilight Zone like.

"You'll find out soon, you just got here, so you need to wait for the puzzle pieces to come," Lottie said.

"Whoa, what are you getting at?"

"You would look good with that long-in-front-short-in-back hairstyle, it'll still be you, only a 1940's you," Lola changed the subject.

"Enough about the hair, what's going on?"

"What's going on is that fate brought you here," Lottie said twirling and opening a cupboard, taking out a sewing box and handed it to Valerie.

"Ginger brought me here."

"See it that way, see this as just a club you're in because you're bored and want to hook up with Ginger. But in time, this will become more, so much more, than an after school hobby. You'll see."

"In your dreams, this is—"

"No, in your dreams, Justin. Now sit down and let me cut your hair," Lola pushed me down.

"You swear this isn't cult?"

"Some cult this would make," Valerie chuckled, taking measurements of me.

"Why does Ginger hate boys?" I dare to ask.

"Because of Jesse," Lola said as she combed my hair in sections.

"So he's her ex then?"

"No, just a boy in her past that she once loved dearly," Lottie blurted.

"That sounds like an ex boyfriend to me, unless he was family. Was he just family?"

"He was more than family to her," Valerie paused with a loud sigh, "he was her soulmate."

"We're leaving it at that Justin, no more talk about Jesse, we already told you more than you need to know."

"You were the one who brought him up Lola, I just asked a question."

"Whatever, just shut up and let me do your hair."

"A little controlling aren't you?"

"I'm the least of your worries."

"You know if you don't want me to question you guys and be suspicious, stop having that creepy undertone with everything you all say. You all need work on how to foreshadow without sounding too wary like a creepy janitor. I get it, something spooky going to happen, ooooh," I joked making ghost sounds, they all stood there un-amused, "Lighten up, gosh. Is there anything to eat around here?"

"Boys!" Lola sighed rolling her eyes.

I sat there just going with the flow, yeah they all are crazy, but they're Ginger's friends and my key to getting closer to her. Just play along, I tell myself, though I was worried about my hair. I think of Ginger as she cuts, think of her beautiful hair, her long legs, her smirk, those lips touching mine…suddenly the fear of getting beat up for looking like a pussy is gone, because it'll all be worth it for the presence of Ginger. I was falling, down, down, down in love with her and I didn't ever want to stop. I don't care if she and her friends are insane, whatever, no one's perfect. At this point, she could be some psycho killer and I could care less, I would die happily in her arms!

Already I was missing her and it only was an hour since she left. I needed to see her again or I would die…man was I sounding melodramatic, love actually does do that to you! Suddenly, that corny play Romeo & Juliet didn't seem that far-fetched after all.

"Can I have another soda Lottie?" I asked drinking down the rest in can.

"You had three already, I'm not giving you another!"

"When is Ginger getting back?" I asked again.

"I don't know, soon, stop asking!"

"Are you done with my hair yet Loli?"

"Call me Loli again and I will kill you."

"I don't doubt that, believe me. Can you give me a mirror so I could at least see the damage."

"It looks good, trust me Justin, she made you look absolutely gorgeous, it really suits you."

I was flipping, I didn't like the word gorgeous, "I don't like the sound of that Valerie. Does the new hair really make me look that gay? Give me a mirror now!"

"Calm down! Here," Lola hands me the mirror.

"See it looks fine," Lottie chimed.

I looked at my reflection, taking a deep breath and preparing for the worst. It was hard it explain, it really did suit me, like it was me, like I always had this style. It wasn't drastic, a little unusual, but nothing that would be made fun of. My hair was short and yet it wasn't, it still was in my eyes and constantly needed to be pushed back. My hair was parted in the middle like is usually was, and my long bangs were shorter and to my ears.

Suddenly I heard the door and down the stairs came Ginger, who paused and dropped the bags of fabric at the sight of me…

"Lola, what did you do?!" she said, surprisingly sternly.

"I cut his hair, so what? You don't like it?"

"You didn't need to do that, why do you have to be so cruel?"

"Stop it Ginger, it's just a haircut, I was bored and I couldn't help myself."

"You know what you did!"

"It okay, I needed my hair cut," I said nervously, "I like it."

"It's not okay," she went back upstairs.

I immediately got up to chase after her but was stopped by Lottie, "Stay here Justin," she told me before going with Lola and Valerie.

What was that about? Jesse again? I had no right to wonder, but I couldn't help it, especially after their hype over him. I hope this isn't about me possibly looking like her ex boyfriend. I hope to her I was just the new boy and not a painful reminder of the past…

I walked home thinking about Ginger and wondering about that odd experience I had when she accidentally called me Jesse. Was it fate? Suddenly being a romantic, I wondered if we were indeed meant to be, I mean, I was the only boy she invited there and it was love at first sight for me. Then I was reminded of Jesse and how he was labeled as Ginger's soulmate. Whoever this Jesse was, I hated him. And as bad as it sounds, I kinda wished he was a dead lover rather than an Ex. I could handle competing with a dead guy, though an Ex I just can't, especially if there was a history between them. It was history that kept a girl's heart tied to her Ex. From my experience with girls and watching my friends with their girlfriends, I had learned that it was history that wins above everything, even good looks, great personality, and a cool car. Girls are loyal, more so than guys, and they tend go for the guy they share the most memories with.

I wish I had a history with her.

It's funny, I have a feeling I should be careful what I wish for…

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