Banquo's Dream

Voices crackle through my mind,

three weird sisters dance and rhymth,

puzzles along their words they sing,

prophices of what the future may bring,

Macbeth thane of Cawdor is decreed,

and quick after shall be the king,

yet in my sted kings shall come,

touching the brim of time before done.

What bloody days this doth prodict,

for Duncan sits upon his throne,

and good health does he withhold.

Thus for crown to switch noble hands,

the life of Duncan must surely end.

Such a vile deed this does asend,

but Macbeth is a true noble man,

and many battles faught by him,

with valor shown time after time,

he'd never fall to such a sin.

So sleep now I without a pain,

for in Macbeth I put my faith,

and with him I seal my fate.