Well after lunch I went right ahead to Home Ec.(Me ?? Take Home Ec.???) Auntie Emy made me do it…My mom's sibs have weird names …Auntie Emy's name is Emerald… Auntie DiDi's full name is Diamond and mom is Opal…Imagine being called Diamond for all your life…shudder shudder. Well apparently Auntie Em's little slut is taking Home Ec. And you know mom, she never lets anyone and I mean anyone beat her at her own game.So,guess who the heck is taking Home Ec …? Damn straight it's me! I don't even know anyone here!! Except ,of course , the slut I was telling you about …Sheena! Sheena is my COUSIN!! I know…but she hates me as hell and so do I , for her I mean.We were friends when we were young…best friends even… but after I went to Shanghai to visit my old ancestral place…She dropped me like a burning matchstick…I dunno who she thinks she is…but it is so unpretty.She thinks she is so cool just because she has big knockers and furthermore…Oops, I'm pretty much saying everything about her…This story is not about her!!! Told you I was so weird…Okay , moving on…

When I got there , my seat was covered in glue..Not the school kind…Oh no… It was full-on sticky wood glue…You know, the one you use in Shop Class.And the only place that was available was right beside Kaitlin Somers, the girl who picks her nose. AND THEN..puts it under her seat where it rots waiting for an unsuspecting victim to come discover it. Disgusting,I know!

I shot Sheena a look of pure disdain. I swore she smirked at me.

After the class, I went out of the room last so as not to be tortured by my evil cousin. As I went out, my books fell out of my hands.. I raised my arms and yelled out " God, why me??".I gave a little whine as I bent over to pick up my books…As I bent down, I heard someone say from my back" Nice view" I instinctively turned around to hit that person (I AM A SADIST , THANKYOUVERYMUCH). I dropped my books for the second time…Why?? It was Matteo. My one and only..My knight in shining armor …My prince…You get the picture ,right?

" You really should be careful" he said smiling , then he bent down to get my books

" Oh .Yeah..Thanks.." I said while my ears turned a bright Flamingo Pink

" Here you go" he said while handing me my books.

"Thanks again…"

" No prob."

He began walking away . Then I called out,

" Hey Matteo"

" Yeah?" he spun around as fast as lightning

" Is the view really nice?" I asked while turning around checking out my backside

He laughed

So did I ….with an added snort

Haaaayyy……He is so cute…

"Well,well…looks like my little cousin is a flirt" Sheena said out of nowhere

" Sheena, stop hitting on me…I know you like me …but I'm sorry…I'm straight. And ,may I say,I am your cousin…You are committing incest." I said while laughing my guts out.

"Oh shut up! You know I only have my eyes for Matteo…"

Yeah , you and the whole school population ..I said in my thoughts

"And he will so never give you the time of day." She added

" Uh…So? I have told myself that I have no chance with him…Apparently, you haven't" I said

" Please…I am the prettiest girl here…If anyone has a chance with him..It's me"

Sheena walked away while holding her head up high….Then suddenly, an overhead lamp fell on her and it crushed her skull…Exposing her brain and her internal organs…

Matteo walked over to her and got really disgusted. He went over to me and held me tightly…He touched my face…His hands felt soooo soft..His face came closer to mine and his lips , like a magnet, pulled me closer to him…His soft breath on my face.He was about to kiss me. I was about to taste his sweet strawberry kiss…

" RIIINNNGGG" the bell woke me up from my semi-daydream . The kids from the other classes rushed out to get to their other lessons…I got spun around,stepped on and I got shoved around …By the end of that scary ordeal , I was like a piece of gum passed on from person to person…Eeeuuuwww…

" OH CRAP!!!" I shouted out while running to P.E.

Next chapter " My walk through hell and back"