Your Real Gift
By Anne Hereatta

Leaving me in this situation
My tears falling on the floor

The horrors I'm facing
The memories are racing

None of this makes sense
Why am I left with your mess?

You never even truly cared
While my love, I hardly beared

Somehow, you bastard, I see it
Your ways of lying and deceit

It's all coming so clearly now
And now I understand somehow

Your ways of love are oh so twisted
I'm all the way done with you

Love and hugs and kisses
You're going home to the real missus

I feel so used and feel so hurt
These things happen, you say

Guns and blood and death and pain
I don't know what you thought you'd gain

I see you dead there on the floor
I see me lying next to you

The gun's at my head
I wish to be dead

And now we both got what we deserved

Author's Note: The moral to this story: Never break up with a girl and tell her that you already have a wife. It will not end happily!