Kokoro Hime!

Chapter 3

Summary: All Kootaku Hana wanted was a normal life. Maybe even get a boyfriend. What she has is a crush on her big brother and to add to her problem she has recently found out she has magical powers. There's also the happy little fact people want to kill her.

Disclaimer: All anime that is mentioned and already made is not mine.




"I'm going to burn you alive and dip you in cheese. Then I'll sell you to a food place to cut you up and feed you to poor unsuspecting elementary students!" Satsuki screamed as he shook Yamato by his collar. Hana sweat dropped at her luck to walk home exactly the time that Satsuki was angry.

"But Satsu-chan the poor elementary students might get sick if they eat me, though I think I taste quite tasty!" Yamato reasoned laughing. Hana flinched when Yamato called the smaller boy Satsu-chan. The taller boy was a dead man. Hana quietly took off her shoes and gave Nashi a silencing look. Nashi's eyebrow went up as he watched Satsuki pick up Yamato with unusual strength for a boy of his weight and throw him in to the couch.

"I was going to let you choose a different way to die but I think I'll kill you by cutting out your liver and feed it to the girls at school." Satsuki said angrily as dark clouds and flashes of lightning gathered around him. His brown hair covering his eyes. The promise of pain radiated off his body. Shiroi, Kura and Riku just watched from the safety of the kitchen door. Hana had edged towards the stairs with Nashi and had almost reached the first step. Almost.

"Would they really eat his liver? That's rather disgusting; I wouldn't want to eat it. Wait will you at least cook it?" Nashi spoke up. Hana jumped and grabbed the younger boy covering his mouth.

"Nashi no baka!" Hana cried as everyone looked over. Shiroi's eyes automatically covered Nashi. Satsuki gave a rough kick to Yamato's stomach the poor idiot went swirly eyed. Riku and Kura stared at Hana questioningly.

"Ahahaha, tadaima Oniichan! Konnichiwa sempai-tachi!" Hana laughed nervously tightening her grip on Nashi. The poor young boy was desperately trying to pry her grip off. Her hand covered his mouth as well as his nose. Finally noticing Nashi's discomfort, mostly due to the boy licking her hand, she let go.

"Hana no baka is more like it. I may be a guide but I need to breathe as well." Nashi frowned taking a deep breath of air. Hana sweat dropped as Nashi turned back pouting to the boys.

"Now, please explain to me this instant why the hell you would," Hana tried to stop him from being rude thinking he was going to ask a prying and crude question. "Feed uncooked liver to girls?"

Hana fell upside down at the question. Yep, defiantly crude. Prying, no but crude very much so. Satsuki looked at the boy amazed that he saw someone more girly and smaller then him and that the boy had asked such a stupid question. Kura and Riku burst out chuckling while Yamato was slowly recovering from his dazed state. Hana's eyes tried to find Shiroi's but he seemed to disappear.

"So who the hell is this little boy, Ha-na-cha-n?" Shiroi growled next to her. Hana screamed and fell on her face once again.

"Namanako Shikadaro but Hana-sama says to call me Nashi." Nashi replied for Hana. A vein popped on Shiroi's head and he crotched down to Nashi's level.

"Interesting Nashi just happens to be her favorite teddy bear," Hana turned red. "But, ne, I'm more interested in the sama suffix."

"What? Hana-sama is my master and I am her guide and servant." Nashi said angrily now at how Shiroi was treating him. He turned to Hana. "You named me after a teddy bear?"

"AH! Nashi, urusai na! Let's go upstairs, ne! I'll come down for dinner!" Hana yelled panicking. Quickly before anyone could protest she grabbed Nashi and ran up the stairs.

"HANA!" Shiroi yelled quickly following after her. Panicky tears filled her eyes as Hana ran down the hallway with Nashi tucked under his arm.

Luckily for her she had kept her door open. She was also shorter and faster then her elder brother. All that running from the students at her school had aided her well when it came to running. Quickly running into her room, she threw Nashi into her bed and then slammed the door shut behind her. Quickly she locked the door.

"HANA-CHAN OPEN THE DOOR THIS INSTANT!" Shiroi yelled at her and pounded on the door. Hana sank to the floor sighing. In less Hana was dieing she had made her brother promise never to enter her room when it was locked.

"Oniichan daijobu! I'll come down for dinner okay?" Hana said sighing. The pounding slowly died down.

"Hana-chan you can tell me anything, okay. Just remember that." Shiroi told her. Hana listened to the dejected tone and the shuffling of feet down the hallway. She felt extremely bad for treating Shiroi that way but right now she wasn't ready to tell him anything. First of all she had to deal with Nashi.

"Hana-sama, I've been through a battle, questioned quite rudely, participated in a chase and have been thrown rather roughly into a bed. In which I've found Nashi" Nashi announced to her twitching. He held up an adorable purple bear by its ear with his forefinger and thumb. His left eye was twitching and his face had a deep frown.

"Don't hold Nashi-chan like that!" Hana lectured as she quickly stood up and grabbed the bear. Pressing it to her chest she sighed and sat next to Nashi on the bed.

"You know I would like an apology." Nashi said pouting. Hana looked over and him sighing. He looked away and then glanced really quickly at her face for a brief moment. Within that brief moment Hana gave him a sweet smile.

"I'm sorry Nashi-kun, I know today has been horrible for you. Please forgive me." Hana said gently reaching out to pat him on the head. Still sulking he leaned away from the touch.

"Still it's not fair! Why did we have to run away from him? He's your brother isn't he? And all those guys? They looked at me weird! That one guy is scary too! He's trying to cut that guys liver out." by now Nashi had lapsed into sobbing. Hana went into "aww" mode. Nashi looked a like a cute child crying. She wrapped her arms around him and patted his head.

"Aww, poor thing. You're so young and you had such a horrible day." Hana cooed gently. At the young comment Nashi started. He quickly pulled away. A hard, angry gleam filled his eyes.

"YOUNG? I'm twenty five years old!" Nashi said angrily. Hana went swirly eyed as she fell backwards.

"TWENTY FIVE!" she yelled and Nashi gave her an odd look.

"Well, duh." Nashi said indifferently.

"You only look ten!" Hana said sitting up fast.

"Well guide spirits age very slowly." Nashi said yawning slightly at Hana's outbreak. He was getting tired from today's events.

"Nashi, why didn't you tell me?" Hana asked with a frown.

"It didn't seem very important as we were being threatened by a giant Oni but, next time I'll be sure to tell you my age before we get fried." Nashi said sarcastically by now he was swaying around dangerously close to falling back and going to sleep. Hana seemed to notice this.

However before she could say anything Nashi fell back. She started to panic a little until she saw the light rise and fall of his chest. "Waah, kawaii desu! He can't be twenty five!" Flower cried in the back of her mind. Hana couldn't help but agree.

Nashi's black hair spread around him. His dark eyelashes rested on his plump cheeks. His mouth was slightly parted and his yukata made him look even cuter. To Hana he looked just like a japanese doll. Reaching out she gently poke on of his plump cheeks. He shifted a little but didn't do anything. Stars began to shine in Hana's eyes as she noticed her soft and cute the boy was.

"Kya! He's just like a doll!" she announced to herself hyperly. Her eyes shone happily as she patted his cheeks. However her fascination with his cute plump cheeks was ended when the boy poutingly turned to his side. Realizing how pedophiliac she was acting, despite the fact Nashi was older then her, she stopped.

"Hnn, it's a bit unfair. Nashi-kun is so adorable! Mou, but I think what we should be talking about is what we're going to tell Oniichan." said Flower as she mentally floated around in Hana's mind. This aruptedly started Hana.

"Ugh, sou desu ne! What should I tell Oniichan?" Hana said biting her nail and panicking slightly. For some reason she began to argue with Flower in her head. When suddenly her and her odd imagination struck an ideal. Quickly she stood up.

"That's it!" she yelled but the moan behind her made her sweat drop and quiet down. "Let's go talk to Oniichan!"

She went to her door and unlocked it. Before she opened the door she paused. Turning back quickly she picked up Nashi-chan the stuffed bear and pushed him in Nashi's arms. Then she put the blanket over them. "KAWAII!" she thought smiling.

However she remembered her original goal and shook her head trying to clear it. After a quick poke at Nashi's cheek she slipped through the door quietly closing the door behind her. A happy smile filled her face. For some reason, even though she knew Nashi was extremely odd and bratty like Satsuki she had a feeling she was going to become great friends with the older boy.


"HANA-CHAAAAAN" sung Yamato as he floated to Hana who was standing on the bottom step of the stairs. Hana sweat dropped at Yamato's theatrics. Chairs being pushed back were heard from the kitchen.

"Hana-chan I want to know why there is a boy in your room." Shiroi demanded pushing the poor Yamato out of the way. Kura, Satsuki and Riku also looked questioningly at her. Poor Yamato had ended up on his face and swirly eyed.

"Gomen ne Oniichan." Hana said guiltily. She didn't want to lie to them but she couldn't possible tell them the truth. She crossed her fingers behind her. "Today when I went out to go shopping for some cake I saw Nashi-kun standing at the corner of the store. He was crying really badly and I felt so bad for him. I went up to him and asked him what was wrong. He told me he didn't know, that he was just standing in the corner and crying because he didn't understand why he was there. Apparently he lost his memory. So I didn't know what to call him so I started to call him Nashi-kun and then I don't know for some reason now he thinks I'm the master and he's a cat or something."

"That is the biggest loud of bullshit I have ever heard." Satsuki commented angrily and Hana almost jumped. This wasn't a good sign. Satsuki was using vulgar language.

"Satsuki." Riku said warningly and the boy pouted. Shiroi continued to stare hard at Hana.

"Then why didn't you bring him to the police." Shiroi asked. Hana looked down and shifted her feet around.

"Because he looked so sad and alone. I was going to bring him to the police later but first I wanted to see if you could help. G-gomen." Hana muttered looking down and sighing. This was harder then it was suppose to be.

"She's obviously telling the truth, Shi-chan." Yamato said cheerfully. Hana again almost jumped off the stair as Yamato wrapped his arms around her. She stiffened as Yamato reached for her fingers and uncrossed them. Hana almost sighed in relief.

Yamato was an idiot. In the group it was well established. However what most of the group failed to notice was Yamato's kind and serious side. Yamato had always helped Hana lie. He may not have known what the truth was but when Hana looked desperate for help Yamato was always the one beside her. Unfortunately hugging her had been a bad ideal. A vein popped on the snowy white head of Shiroi.

"YAMATO LET GO OF HER!" Shiroi screamed lunging at Yamato. The blond gave an "eep" and ran for the living room. The rest of the group sweat dropped at the scene. Shaking his head Satsuki walked over to Hana.

"I don't believe you but I'll get the truth out of you yet." Satsuki threatened and Hana backed up a little. When Satsuki said he was going to do something he usually did.

"Now, now Satsu-chan don't act like that." Kuro stupidly said leaning his elbow on Satsuki's head. Hana sweat dropped as a crash of thunder appeared above Satsuki's head. It looked like Shiroi's friends had just been cut in half. Kuro noticed the dark aura and took of running as Satsuki followed. Kuro teamed up with Yamato and both ran for their poor lives.

"This house is to loud." commented Riku as he walked back into the kitchen leaving Hana to watch Shiroi and Satsuki trying to cut down the two other boys.

Upstairs Nashi turned over a little restless. Proving to be a sound sleeper he ignored the noise and continued to snore on quite cutely.


Last night had ended up as an extremely eventful night. Shiroi and Satsuki had not managed to kill the other two because Riku had broken it up. They had been so loud it had got him mad. This was surprising because Riku barely ever got aggravated. Hana had slipped upstairs after she had quietly thanked Yamato who gave her a small grin and proceeded to piss of Kuro.

By the time she had quietly closed the door she was startled by Nashi who had awoken. He had been reading through one of her manga books. After a long talk about what was going to happen and what she had told her brother both of them had slipped downstairs to meet with her brother. Nashi was a bit undignified because of how, as he put it, Hana had made him out to be a psycho.

Her brother's friends had stayed over for dinner to meet Nashi. Yamato of course had automatically warmed up to the boy and surprisingly Nashi tolerated him. Though he would kick Yamato if he tried to hug him. Between Riku and Nashi was a mutual respect because, well Hana wasn't entirely sure. Kuro had teased the young boy seeming to like him. Unfortunately the feelings weren't mutual. Nashi wasn't a big fan of being teased. Nashi was fine with Shiroi though Shiroi was a bit wary of the younger boy.

However the biggest mutual dislike was between the two short brats. Satsuki had already disliked Nashi and when the other boy had noticed this he assured Satsuki he felt the same way. Hana had almost banged her head on the table because the two brats had started fighting over chopsticks and chicken. The other boys had felt the same way. Hana couldn't contain Nashi and the others couldn't contain Satsuki. She had a feeling that the two would always end up bickering over something. Unfortunately at the moment her intuition was extremely good.

The night hadn't been all that bad Hana had admitted to herself before going to bad. She had guiltily wanted to sleep with Nashi because she had thought he would be like a giant Nashi-chan but Shiroi had been dead set on letting Nashi sleep in the guest room next to her room. The younger, er, older boy had agreed easily because of how sleepy he was at that point. Hana was content just to sleep with Nashi-chan anyway.

The next morning Hana had went through all her usual routines of getting ready. She was in happy mood because she hadn't had a nightmare last night. After finishing it she had decided to check up on Nashi. It was early morning and she wasn't sure if Nashi was awake. She was pleasantly surprised when she found Nashi sitting on the floor reading some manga books. His gaze shifted up to her as she entered.

"Ohayou Gozaimasu Nashi-kun." she smiled happily and Nashi was hit with a feeling of nostalgia. He shook it off as he stood up.

"Are we going to school?" he asked eyeing her uniform.

"Um, I'm going to school. Your going to stay here, okay?" she said gently knowing that if Nashi was like Satsuki he was about to protest. True to her intuition Nashi stomped his foot.

"No, WE are going to school." he said angrily as he glared at her. Hana sweat dropped as she sighed a little. She seemed to be doing this quite a lot lately.

"Uh-uh Nashi-kun you have to stay home. Oniichan and I have to go to school. You're too young, um; I mean you look to young to be going to our school. You really can't go." Hana explained gently trying to make Nashi understand what was wrong. The younger looking boy bit his bottom lip and looked down.

"Oh, fine but make me some food before you go." Nashi said sulkily as he plopped down and drew the manga book he had just been reading back into his lap.

"Okay! Demo, I'll have to have Oniichan make you something okay. I broke the stove and the phone last time I tried to cook." Hana laughed a little nervously. Nashi just nodded to interested in the book.

"Hold on." Nashi said not looking up. Hana paused and looked over her shoulder at him. "Watch out at school Kiroshima probably notified the rest of SPIRAL so they'll be on your case."

"Don't worry I'd notice a giant Oni at school. Huh? Wait what's SPIRAL?" Hana asked confused all of a sudden. This time Nashi did look up.

"There are different kinds of Oni, so just keep on your toes." he said and then turned back to the book again.

"Nashi-kun what's SPIRAL?" Hana pressed but Nashi looked like the conversation was closed.

"HANA-CHAN HURRY UP YOU'LL BE LATE!" Shiroi yelled from the end of the hallway. He was walking down the hall towards the guest room. Hana gave Nashi a look promising to find out what SPIRAL was later.

"Nashi-kun there is some food on the stove. Don't try and cook anything okay you might hurt yourself. Also some of my old clothes are lying on my bed. I think you might be able to fit them but first take a bath. The towels hang in the bathroom and if you're bored there is the TV downstairs and the manga books up here. You're not allowed in my room except for the clothes. The computer is off limit in my room. However we have another computer you can use downstairs in the living room. "Shiroi explained as he leaned against the door frame. At how close he was to her Hana began to blush slightly. Nashi didn't seem to notice though but there was a small barely noticeable grin on his face.

"Okay, thank you Kootaku-san for your kindness." Nashi replied politely and Shiroi gave a satisfied nod. He had a feeling he might actually like the kid.

"Oh, yes later today we are going to go bring you to the police station. Hana-chan hurry up okay. I want you to eat a little before going to school." Shiroi said before he turned around and stalked off down the hallway. Hana and Nashi paled suddenly.

"We can't bring you to the police station!" Hana said panicky. Before Nashi replied Shiroi had yelled for Hana again.

"Ugh, we'll think about this later. Good bye Nashi-kun!" she called before she took off down the hallway and down the stairs.

Hurrying she skipped a couple of stairs careful not to fall. It seemed today her brother's friends hadn't come. She couldn't help but be a little thankful. She liked them but they were handful. She and Shiroi didn't notice when Nashi stood at the top of the stairs watching them. A concerned gleam was in Nashi's eyes as he watched Hana.

"Hana no baka, you don't understand. SPIRAL and their Oni are dangerous." he muttered to himself as he watched Hana run out of the door with a happy expression. Shiroi left soon after leaving Nashi sitting on the stairs. He sighed knowing that while the two were gone that he had to get some very important things done. But first he had to get some food in his stomach.


Hana's happy expression dropped as she arrived at her school as did her stomach. Just like the day before she entered her class room. A lot of the girls were huddled over Hoshi's desk whispering about something. The guys were in the other corner. No one seemed to notice Hana coming in. Quietly she placed her things on her desk.

Sitting down she reviewed of the surrealism of her situation. Just yesterday she had been bullied and then suddenly she had become a magical girl. It was all too... fake but she was still happy. She had even gained a new friend. Nashi was admittedly a brat and secretive but he was an adorable secretive brat. So happy she didn't notice the group of girls breaking up at Hoshi's desk.

"Look Hana-chan's here." Hoshi called out maliciously. Hana paled at this. The group of girls had scary grins on there face and dark looks. There eyes today seemed incredibly evil. Hoshi's golden eyes had an evil blank look in her eyes. A large smile filled her face.

"Ohayou Gozaimasu, minna-san." Hana said nervously looking down at her desk. They had only needed that moment to surround her desk and lean over her. The guys in the corner still didn't seem to be paying any mind. Hana's heart began to speed up as fear filled her.

"Hana-chan do you want to play a game with us?" Hoshi asked as she took one of Hana's curls in her fingers and played with it.

"D-demo the teacher will be here soon." Hana stuttered uncomfortable with Hoshi touching her hair.

"It's okay, Miki and Nana will watch the door to make sure the teacher won't come in." she replied and two girls broke off from the group and went to the door. Hana grew really afraid at the moment. Even though the teacher was blind to her torment he still was like a police man when it came to the girls.

"Utsukushii-san p-please." Hana stuttered as soft tears started to line her eyes. At this the girls' grins widened and Hoshi pulled Hana out of her seat by her hair. Hana fell to the ground with a loud clamor. Surprisingly the boys in the corner still didn't look up.

On the floor Hana finally noticed something odd. The area around the girls was grey and cold and the boys looked like they were in a colorful bright section of the room. Pushing herself up she looked at the girls again. Her eyes widened when she saw small horns on the other girls' heads and giant horns on Hoshi's red head.

"What's wrong with you guys?" she gaped as she slowly moved back a little. The girls just grinned at her. Suddenly they all reached in to their pockets pulling out small knives. Hoshi who seemed to be the leader drew out a bigger knife then the rest.

"Ne, Hana-chan play a game with us." the girls chorused as they walked towards her. Hana backed up until her back was pressing up against the teacher's desk. They closed in on her.

"KYAAAAA." Hana screamed but the boys didn't look in her corner and no one came bursting in to save her. It seemed in this darker grey zone no matter how much Hana screamed no one would hear. The girls were going to use this to their full advantage.


Japanese Glossary!

Someone no baka- All of you should be familiar with this. It's pretty much calling someone an idiot.

Tadaima Oniichan! Konnichiwa sempai-tachi- This pretty much translates to "I'm home big brother! Hi older classmates".

urusai na- Translates to "Shut Up"

Oniichan daijobu- Translates to "It's okay big brother"

Gomen ne Oniichan- I'm sorry big brother

Ohayou Gozaimasu- You all probably know this one! It's Good Morning!

Ohayou Gozaimasu, minna-san- It's Good Morning Everyone

Demo- This translates into "but". This is a pretty useful phrase in my opinion.