Little sister

Little sister with the scars

Little sister with the poems

Little sister with the voice

And the piano

She takes the scissors

And carefully

So carefully

It scares me

It scared me then because I love you

I couldn't bear to see you hurt


My envy is a demon

You bleed

Your skin scars easily

My blood remains unspilled

But those nights

The nights when black closes in

When the knowledge

That you can't escape your own mind

Takes over

I envy you

I will not take that from you

Leave you with your private shame

And statement

You were brave enough to cry red tears

I will give you that

I do not touch the knife

The knife is yours

But also

I do not trust myself

I would not stop at one cut

I would stop at three

One for practice

Two for oblivion

Little sister

If only there was a place

Where the scars didn't show

Where they could hurt no one