Random Audio Perversions that's what rap be

Most of the rap that I hear is just indecentcy

They ramble on and on, their words don't even rhyme

They just change the syllables all the bloody time

They walk down the street and you see hearts or polka-dots

Wearing their pants at half mass, you think a rapper got shot

They make it sound like they have a stressed out life

Between producers, fans, and the guy with the knife

It's just so hard being a rapper

Make a 10 million dollar record sitting on the crapper

They come from the projects, the ghetto, the hood

Always talking about how the people were no good

Their neighborhood was just oh so rough

They had no choice they lived life tough

Now they walk around like a bunch of thugs

Sing about sex, violence, the ghetto, and drugs

Their words spread around the world like a decease

Someone make them shut up, make them stop, please

They go around the world perverted and perverting

A solution to their madness is what I am yearning