Hollyhock: a Middle Eastern flowering plant

Fuchsia: a droopy-flowered tropical shrub

All these stamped on the linoleum

Which she must clean: scrub, scrub, scrub.

Her hair in pincurls out of her face

Her raggedy dress tied up

She cleans the floor on her knees

Looking at her little pup

So free, so loose from life he is

Running, racing, as if to race the wind in speed

Leaping around the lopsided furniture

As joyful as a sunny day, indeed

She has tied herself to an anchor,

A weight she can never get rid of,

With bonds as hard to break as the strongest metal

She is trapped like a bird in a cage, a dove

She throws down the sponge, the naphtha soap

And glares at the maroon walls, the floor

The cage built around her, the trap

She packs a suitcase, then opens the door…

Running out, she frees herself

From the ancient ties

Under a sky of cumulus,

She flees fear and follows a fleeting freedom: her prize

Dancing to the sound of marimbas and goodbyes…