Chat Speak

A/N: This is just an ironic little poem I wrote, yes, lots of the words are misspelled for a reason, but try to see what other ironic little things you can find (yes, the ending is a prt of the pattern). NO, I don't feel this strongly towards "chat-speak", I just like complaining about it, because my friend never seems to spell anything…--

When you read, you want to see

Some gramme rthat is fun to read

With big words that you may not now

And if it's bad, it realy shows

But if you come acroos something

That is not spelled as it should be

To me, at kleast, that's just too bad

If you can't spell, that's realy sad

I hate these typos! Can't you spell?

You can't? Then go fall down a well

What's up with "OMG" and "h8"?

I dislike "u" and "ur" and "w8"

What's the point with "thax" and "Plz"?

Your scrawny throats I want to seize

'Cuz if you spell with "y" and "2"

My computer I might throw at you


What's happened to our language arts? Our lit'racy has sank

Ur so dumb, I cant believe u r 2 imachure to read

And tho I make mistakes sometimes I still manajge too type with speeed

All in all, I'd like to add

This poem is getting rather sad

For I, to, make mistakes eomtimes

But I still like to write and rhyme

I hate, ti though, when things aren't finished

You leave your writing so diminished

So just remember when you write

To mak