"What If…"

What if we all flew away,

And at dawn went running out,

Straight into the break of day,

Forgetting every fear and doubt?

What if we left this fallen place,

And pulled away from all we knew?

Removing even the slightest trace,

Of all the things we thought were true.

What if we stormed the rusty gates,

Of the Fortress of Compromise?

Knowing inside the enemy awaits,

As we filled the air with battle cries.

What if we demanded resolution,

And a change inspired?

What if we cleansed the world's pollution,

And burned with holy fire?

What if we never paused to question,

What in our hearts we knew was right?

Set aside our resignation,

And boldly stood to fight.

August 16, 2005

Author's Note: I really wanted this poem to be a challenge to my generation. I think that we are very unwilling to stand up and fight for what is right, and more ready to live existentially without affecting anyone or anything around us. I confess, this poem did not turn out as well as I had originally hoped, but maybe it is good enough to get my point across. Reviews are very much appreciated.