The little men

Screaming inside my head

Tell me different things

One says go for him

The other says leave it alone

I don't know who to listen to

It's eating me alive

But I must find a cure

A way to survive

An existence in which to thrive

Do I go with the angel

With halo and harp?

Or do I go with the devil

Bright red, horns so sharp?

Which side is right

For this internal fight?

Do I even know what I'm fighting for?

Is it love, lust, or just a schoolboy crush?

Will it destroy us? I don't want to lose a friend

Or will you love me, lust me, crush over me until the end?

There's only one way to find out, one way to feel at ease

Apparently, this time, the devil's got me praying on my knees

It'll kill me if I don't tell him tonight

So now I live, but in the morning check twice

Because if he rejects me, I'll be dying all over again