Tears in Rain

by fabian cortez

Setting sun, say

It's so, that you'll

Return, blaze a path

To shine upon


So conceded


A feeling known of

Folly, toned to

Conscious self,

Such as a rainy

Day's dourest



Shot glass, half

Empty or fullest

In content, a view

So shifting in

Time's shadow


Shall we see it

As a mood, so to

Swing by as

Oceans undulate

To a passing wind's



Reserve, deliberation

Cast a ray toward

Anticipation for in

All things, it is

Debacle without


Fluctuations, flow

Erratic, emotion

We cannot interpret

A logic so urgent in

Requisite, yet so very

Often unseen, until

Passing time

Allows events

To clear


Now vital torrent

Hit your leaves of

Vibrant green

Rose petals shimmer

Brightly, send forth

A myriad

Of colours,


So nature's simple

Purity of spirit

May elevate a

Perception, so down

Trodden that

All things merge

As tears

In rain

copyright©2005 fabian cortez