Crystalline Tears

By Lia Star

Chapter Six: Trinian


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I don't know what I'm here for really. I mean, so what. I exist. Barely. Travis would kill me if he knew about Syron. I know he would. One little brother is dead, the other in an institution. And it's all Travis's fault. If I had never met him, then my family would still be together.

Trinian had visiting hours today. I knew that I had school, but I didn't care. I didn't get to see my little brother often, and he looked exactly like Sasha. So much so that it nearly tore me apart to see him at times. But I loved him, and I barely got to see him as it was. I couldn't miss his visiting hours. Mother refused to visit him, and I'm pretty sure that Dad didn't go see him. I'm not sure about Abby. I knew my sister missed him, but whether or not she actually went to see him was unknown to me.

I just had to figure out how I could get to the city. The institution Trinian was at was in the city.

"Hey Milara!" Syron called, jogging up to me.

I looked up from the bench I was sitting at in the park, smiling sadly.

Concerned, he frowned. "What's wrong hun?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "Nothing. I need to get to the city today. But I haven't got a clue as to how to get there. Normally, I would get the bus, but I can't afford it right now."

"The city?" Syron questioned. "I could give you a ride. I don't mind."

I looked at him carefully, considering whether or not I really wanted him to be the one to take me to the institution that my brother was at. I knew that he wouldn't question me when I told him to go to the institution, and there wasn't any other way for me to get there, short of walking there.

I nodded, replying, "Thank you, Syron. I would really appreciate it."

Syron shrugged, standing. "Alright. Let's get going."


The drive there was spent in silence after I told him where I had to go. I was right. He didn't question my destination. All I got was a curious glance before he threw the truck into gear and we were off.

When we'd pulled to a stop in front of the building, he'd questioned me whether or not I wanted him to come in with him. I told him no, that I wanted to go in myself. But, I asked him to pick me up in an hour. That's all I was allowed to stay for, all he was allowed to see me.

And now, here I'm sitting, watching my little brother, the one who looks so much like Sasha did before Travis got to him.

"Milara? Where's Sasha? I haven't seen him in a while," Trinian commented, his innocent eyes looking up from the 15 year old body that played on the floor.

It took all I had to keep myself from crying as I answered. "Sasha went away, remember Trinian? He can't come home anymore."

"Oh," Trinian murmured, looking down. "Will I be able to see him again?"

"Yes. You'll be able to see him again," I replied, my voice cracking slightly. I knew that for Trinian to see his brother again would mean that Trinian would leave me too.

Trinian smiled serenely for a few moments before looking up at me excitedly. "Me and Sasha will be turning 13 soon! He said that on our birthday Dad was going to take us camping! I can't wait to go camping! I bet Sasha will catch more fish though. I don't like fishing as much as him."

It was always like this. He couldn't remember that Sasha had died. It had been too much for his mind to handle. He'd completely blocked out his twin's death, and when anyone tried to remind him of the fact, he got violent. And, he was so innocent. It was like he was almost 4 years old again. The mind of a young child, in the body of an almost adult. It tore me apart to see him like this. I remember when he was such a brilliant student. So popular, and never getting a mark below a 90. And now, he could barely remember his own family at times, and he was so innocent.

The nurse came up to me and smiled gently, murmuring, "Time's up, Milara. Sorry."

I nodded, shrugging off her apology. Kneeling next to Trinian, I smiled at him softly, saying, "I have to leave now, Trinian. I'll see you later, alright?"

Trinian blinked up at me, smiling back. "Hello. Who are you?"

A soft shudder went through me at that. I could never get over it whenever he couldn't remember me.

"I'm your brother, Milara. I was just leaving," I replied.

Trinian nodded happily. "Alright." He wrapped his arms around me in a soft hug. Pulling back, he looked me in the eyes, his expression suddenly serious, his eyes crystal clear, not like the foggy expression that was usually present. "Be happy, Milara. Don't worry so much, and take care of yourself. You don't look as happy as you should be. Don't worry about me. I'm alright."

I choked on a sob as the fogginess returned. That had truly been my brother talking to me like that.

Standing, I hurried out of the building, and towards Syron who was leaning against his truck, waiting for me.

Without giving him time to open his mouth, I threw myself into his arms, sobbing hysterically.

Stunned, Syron wrapped his arms around my shaking body. "Milara! Hey…Shh…It's alright." He buried his face in my hair, tightening his arms around me and helping me into the truck before getting in himself and pulling me to him again.

"What's wrong, Milara?" Syron questioned softly.

I shook my head, sobbing. I couldn't tell him. If I told him about Trinian, then he'd wonder why my brother was in that institution, and then he'd wonder why my other brother killed himself, and then he'd find out that I was working for Travis. I couldn't tell him anything. And that tore me up even more. I couldn't share with him my pain, because it would only cause me more pain.

"I-I can't…I don't…" I shuddered slightly, tears coursing down my cheeks as I shook my head firmly. I couldn't speak of it. I couldn't let him know what I did. He'd leave me. I know he would.

"Shh…it's alright. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Syron murmured comfortingly.

I nodded, grateful that he was sensitive enough not to bug me about it at this point in time.

"Can…can we just go home?" I questioned, my voice hitching.

He nodded, putting the truck in gear and pulling away from the institution, neither one of us glancing back as we pulled into traffic and headed out of the city and away from a major part of my past.


To Be Continued…

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