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TheTale of Two People


He was late.

The woman laughed mirthlessly as she stretched her legs sensuously on the sofa. 'But then', she reflected lightly, 'when did they all arrive in time?'

Her hand moved to curl the stray bangs on her forehead. The other hand reached out for the vanity mirror on the nearest end table. An ironic smile greeted her as she studied her reflection. Long curly tresses of black were wound round on her head. A thin layer of make-up covered the eye bags and the bruises by her ears. Her eyes never lost the usual dark depths, though she must admit that they seemed to grow more tired at each passing day. For a moment, she felt genially surprised at her appealing and pretty face. Vaguely, she wondered why she never lost her beauty. Some people of her "profession" usually get wasted under the strain of the first two or three years. Yet here she was! How many years was it since she took on her first job?

There was a sudden knock on the door. Her keen ears detected the hesitancy on that tapping sound, and she softly murmured with a thin smile, "A newbie. I should have known."

Taking her time, she swept up from her position, smoothed down her silken attire, and lay down again. She cleared her voice, "Come in."

A young man entered the room timidly. About seventeen—no, eighteen years old, she estimated as she observed his features. The faded jeans and white shirt aimed to give the impression of an impoverished youth, yet the expensive watch and necklace didn't escape her notice. His hair was a brown coloured mess. His built though lean seemed strong and sinewy. His skin was pale white and his face held a determined look despite the obvious signs his tense body betrayed.

At the sight of her lying seductively on the sofa, he seemed to stiffen with surprise. The mere sight of her wearing semi-transparent clothing probably aroused him. The woman's smile widened. This man will have a lot to learn.

"H-hello there! What are you doing here? I mean," and he gulped to force the shivers his voice produced, "You aren't 'the one', are you?"

"'The one'?" and she gave a throaty laugh, before adding sweetly, "Pray, what am I supposed to be—a god?"

He shook his head, a tiny bead of sweat rolled from his forehead. Apparently, her slyness was making things more difficult for him. "No, what I mean is, you know, are you the—the—"

"The—what?" she joined playfully, twirling loose hair tendrils with her painted fingernails.

"The—the—For Pete's sake! Are you the whore?" He immediately bit his mouth as though the last word left a bitter taste in his mouth. He saw her raised eyebrow and added quickly, "I'm sorry. I must've offended you—"

She waved a hand impatiently, "Oh posh with all that! Of course I'm not offended. Your offhand stupidity just caught me off-guard. But close the door, will you? I hate it when people leave it ajar."

Mumbling an apology, he complied yet remained standing there awkwardly. With the delicacy of a lady, she strode to him and pulled him to the light, carefully studying his features up close. His skin was milky white in contrast to her caramel shade. His jaw, his high cheekbones, and his brown eyes mirrored masculinity. As her hands ran easily over his chest, she felt the contraction of his tensed muscles as he fidgeted. All together, he was a handsome specimen to touch and behold. 'Wonderful,' she thought, 'absolutely wonderful.'

Her eyes wandered lazily at his ears and noticed a discoloration just behind the earlobe. Triumphantly, she thought, 'aha, so you aren't truly as innocent as I thought.'

"So," she began with her arrestingly soft voice, "what is a young man like you doing here?"

He shook his head as if waking from reverie and cleared his throat, "Excuse me, but I think there's only one reason to be here."

The man looked at her with a strange glint in his eyes. Brown orbs gathered every detail of her body as seen through the thin translucent silk clothing. He clearly saw that she wore a sexy piece of thongs and no bra underneath so that his hands itched to grasp her wholly. Her nearness and alluring perfume which floated to his nostrils did not help in maintaining his self-control. The former nervousness seemed to be forgotten as he felt his crotch stiffen.

This development did not escape her fox-like senses. However, the woman was used to these lusty attentions and did not heed his look or the bulge on his pants and replied archly, "I know that. But, won't your ladylove be angry? I mean, she would truly feel sorry if she discovers that her boyfriend was dissatisfied with lovemaking as to resort to a whore."

"It's none of your business if I do have a girlfriend," he retorted quite defensively, almost forgetting his fascination for her, "and anyways I don't."

"Don't be too angry," she replied lightly, "and you don't have to deny that you already have a woman. That love-bite on your ear…you can't disown its existence—or did that come from some other of my kind?"

He took a deep sigh of resignation, "Alright then. If you really want to know then I do have a girlfriend. Did. But it was a mistake—don't ask about it anymore. And I haven't been to any other…of your kind, yet."

She shrugged before adding, "Ah… so I was right in my assumptions that I am your first whore. Do not be surprised: your discomfort in my presence betrayed you."

She led her to the wide sofa and sat them down. Her fingers caressed him lightly on his chest and abdomen. Intentionally, the whore allowed her breasts to rest on his shoulder. She gingerly played with his ear with her mouth before biting it. His colour heightened considerably and she laughed.

"Before we lose ourselves in your passions, allow me to introduce myself. I am Theo Marizhka De Vera. Be comfortable in calling me just Theo. And you are?"

"Jeorge Gregory. Just—just call me Jeorge," He stammered due to her nearness and the considerable heat she was giving off.

"Tell me, Jeorge, are you willing to risk it?" she murmured seductively.

"What do you mean?"

"One visit can lead to another…and another. And before you realize it, it has become a habit. You might carry this even when you are married, and with children. Are you willing to risk it then? Are you willing to risk hurting your future family?" She said all this solemnly.

"No! Of course not! It won't turn into a habit," he declared, losing the spur of the moment.

"We shall see then. For now, let us not think of things. Instead, let us do what I was paid to do. Can you resist me now?" she straddled him roughly with her hips and leaned over him, her breasts wafting over his nose. Then, she nibbled and licked his ear and guided his hands to feel her fullness. He moaned with want and pulled down her straps until she was bare enough to be tasted by him. She teased him further with her tongue as it travelled over his face, his mouth, his neck, his chest, and she heard the rumble of lust in him. She murmured again, "Can you?"

Theo felt his throbbing member through his jeans against her thighs. He will have a lot to learn, but she was sure that he will learn as fast as all the other men. She unzipped his jeans and massaged his manliness with an effective swirling motion. He gasped and sweated even more furiously.

She murmured against his ear once again, "I like you. I know you are an honest guy so I will teach you all I know. But promise me that, when you are finally married, you will not return to me again. Do you hear me? Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes of course." He groaned, desiring for more of her attentions, "teach me everything you know. Show me…"

She gave a small sigh and kissed his lips as hungrily as she could muster, knowing that he needed her body to quench his thirst for flesh. She allowed him to suckle her breasts and push his fingers on her most secret of places. He moaned and groaned and when the sofa became too unaccommodating for their moving, friction-heated bodies, they rolled on the hard floor and continued their passions there.

For the first time, Theo felt a strange affinity for the young man she was with.

'What could it be?' she thought vaguely as she guided to mount her, 'what is it with this boy? I can't understand…' Yet as she looked wearily at his soaked brows, dampened hair and fiery eyes, she immediately knew that her life would change forever…

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