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A Twin's Tale:

The Power Of Two

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful May day with a bright sun, the occasional cloud, and a slight breeze to cool off with. The breeze blew softly and rustled a flag which stood outside of a charming french tea parlor. The flag settled down as the breeze left and blew across the few who happened to be sitting in this charming outdoor parlor. The usual bustle of the twenty-first century was left far behind on the glorious day as there were few left who weren't working or at school to dine here. There were, in fact, only three who had come to enjoy the peace of Aunt Beth's Tea Shop.

A young couple who appeared to be students of the local college were seated at one of the tables. The young man was calmly eating a sandwich that he had ordered, and apparently enjoying for he was not noticing that the woman he was with was deeply uncomfortable. Indeed, she kept shooting suspicious glances over her shoulder at the third customer of the tea shop, someone who was severely out of place in this small tea shop and this small town.

Sitting a few tables away, leaning back in her white, ornately decorated chair, and tugging absently at the flowery table cloth, was an odd looking woman for these places. She had long curly red hair and a severely freckled face, but it suited her and seemed to accentuate her high cheekbones and piercing green eyes. Yet her face had a hard expression that one didn't normally find, and if they did it could make them run very quickly in the other direction. A thin green tube top was fitted around her slim mid-section, but over it was a leather jacket, odd for the fine May weather. She wore a tight black leather skirt that came to her mid-thighs and black leather boots up to her knees. One could only guess what was concealed inside of them. Every few minutes she would check her watch impatiently.

Where is he? she thought angrily. He's late and its my ass on the line! I hope this job pays just as well as its supposed to.

The sun rose even higher before the he entered. He looked just as strange and out of place as she did, though not quite as flashy. He walked out the door of the actual tea shop of Aunt Beth's Tea Shop and into the outdoor parlor only to meet the same reaction that his company had.

The young college woman who was sitting with the college man kicked her companion hard and motioned towards the door. Once they both saw the large man dressed entirely in black, they put down their money and left the parlor as quickly as they could. The newcomer never thought twice about them.

He, a large dark skinned man clad entirely in black, walked towards the table with the red-headed woman. He took the vacant seat across from her and motioned for a waiter.

"You're late," she said, her irritation clear. She arched an eyebrow and waited for a moment before continuing. "And now I'm going to be late. I hope you have the information for me."

"Yes, I'm late," he replied. He watched her brush her hair away from her face as he spoke. "And I have your information. Do you have my money?"

"No, I don't have your money. Do you have them? I never have the money until after I complete the jobs. You know that. I've told you that. Do you have a problem with it?"

For a moment it looked as though he was going to argue, but the appearance of the a young man in an apron silenced them both. She looked away irritably while her companion took a flowery menu handed to him by the waiter. He ordered coffee and ordered tea for "his friend." They sat in silence until the waiter reappeared with their orders, then left again.

As he was leaving, she produced a small box strangely similar to a box of cigarettes from the pocket of her jacket. Carefully removing one, which appeared to be a cigarette only longer and with a pinkish tinge, she put it to her lips and it lit on its own. She sat back and puffed on her cigarette like item, which emitted purple smoke, and watched while her companion produced a manila folder and slid it across the table to her.

She opened it carefully and saw the computerized pictures of two young girls, no more than eighteen. In these pictures they were identical except for a scar or freckle here and there. The names above each picture read Maia and Yalitza. She studied the pictures for a moment before she turned the page over and saw information about them both. It told where they lived, when they were born, how old they were, what school they went to, who their parents were, and who their siblings were. She looked over the information briefly before turning the page over again to find another page of information. The next three pages were all information on Maia and Yalitza. The last bit of the manila folder were pictures of the two girls in daily life, going to school, at local hangouts, even at parties.

"That's them," he said. He didn't need to watch her every move and hope that it pleased her like the rookies did. He had worked with her for a long time and he knew just how much she relied on him. He knew that no matter what she said he did good work. But he also knew that no matter how good his work was she would always send him back to do more. That was just her style. She took the better safe than sorry road and because of it she was the highest paid assassin in any of the worlds.

She paused for a long moment and exhaled purple smoke. He had done well, there could be no doubt about that. At least now she was not empty handed. But she had to be careful with what she said. In her business, one could never afford to give away too much. Anyone could be listening. "Not bad," she settled for. "And this is all about them? Hm...I need more. I need to know what these girls eat for breakfast every day. I need to know who they have a crush on; what celebrity they think is the most attractive. I want to know everything about them before I make a move. Understand?"

He nodded once to show his understanding. She closed the folder and placed it back into the bag he had brought it in. Then she reached into her pocket and withdrew a wad of bills. It wasn't much, but it would do for now. She had to give him something for his work. After all, he was the best. He stood slowly and said goodbye to her, outstretching his hand towards her. She accepted it and slipped the bills into his hand. Then he took his leave and left her with the check.

"Typical," she muttered, getting out another few bills and placing on the table. She replaced her cigarette-like thing in her mouth and was about to get up when she noticed she didn't leave a tip. I'm late, she thought irritably. Still, she produced a few ones and slapped them on the table as the same young waiter came back to collect the tab.

He took one look at her pink cigarette and the purple smoke clouding around her head and asked, "Is that legal?"

She groaned and quickly pulled back the ones she was going to use for a tip. "Honestly," she muttered. She got up quickly and left the tea parlor for her next appointment. She was late.