There was a deep mist. It clung to the air, causing everything to appear to be an eerie gray-green. The lonely mounds of rubble piled and strewn about were almost invisible to passerby at an inappropriate distance. And it was quiet. This was not the type of silence that came as the sun fell. This was the type of silence that was equivalent to death. It was of coldness, and of desertion and misery. It was what Eo had come home to.

The woman rounded the corner of two buildings, throwing her back against the brick alley wall as she panted for breath. Reloading her gun took only seconds, and then silence surrounded her. The silence was deafening in its utter punishment of thought, for in silence she could worry, she could suffer in her consequences. Her eyes darted around the darkness, feeling warm blood slide down her tan skin. Eo's mind urged her to run, screamed orders to her legs, but her body was frozen as her eyes searched anxiously around her, the gun held up as her fingers gently squeezed the trigger, ready to pull at any moment.

But it was not around her that the warning came, but far off in the distance, rising out of the silence. An unearthly howl shattered the desolate stillness, and it was that moment, as if a spell had been broken, she was off, her black boots splashing through the filthy puddles of the steamy alley. Her gun was clutched so tight that her brown knuckles were turning white, for it was indeed the artifact that her life depended on at this moment. And as another demonic howl grew from the soundless city, more joined in, praising to the red moon. She didn't pause as she made her way through the winding concrete labyrinth, knowing those in pursuit were close and had bloodlust on their minds, but as a dead end blocked her way she did not turn back, for there was no time. She pushed her way through a door to her side, hidden in the obscurity of the towering structures.

Now her maze was a building, corridors upon corridors of passageways that hadn't been occupied in years. The electricity flickered, buzzing and liable to fail at any given moment. Reaching the destination of a flight of stairs, she rapidly ascended, and it was about the time that she had reached the fifth floor that a deafening crash made her freeze. She peered over the banister; gun still grasped as her chest silently heaved for air, peering down into the darkness that seemed would never end. She squinted through the dark, hearing nothing, seeing nothing. But rapidly the shadows shifted, and staring back at her was a pair of red eyes, shining in the gloom, and aching for blood. A hellish shriek followed, and the shadows moved quickly. Eo knew the beasts were in pursuit, and close to their prey. Fourteen. She was the last of the fourteen. And she would not fall to the same fate as her comrades had.

She bolted, hearing their claws rip through the wood as they followed her, only floors behind. She kept close to the edge of the stairs, eyes paying attention to the swirling shadows rather than where her feet were taking her. Taking a chance that could cost Eo her life, or save it, she lifted her tanned arms steady and fired off bullets at the dark. A piercing wail sounded, and up Eo continued to run, shooting at the floors below as she did, letting her ears be her guide more than her eyes. And as her finger could request no more bullets, she set on the task of reloading her gun once more, aware of the thump of something heavy falling lifelessly to the floor. And no longer did the claws rake the stairs, but now did her ears hear the sound of bones being crunched and skin being torn in to. The dead had quickly become victuals for the living. But the feast would not occupy the animals for long. She continued up the staircase, finally coming to the door that led off to the roof. Fumbling with the rusted doorknob for a moment, she threw open the exit, and stood on the empty roof, looking for some sort of way to escape. The gray clouds rolled on, and the moon came alive, the red moonlight bathing her in its glory.

Her golden eyes anxiously looked below the building as she sprinted to the edge, knowing that at any moment, they could be upon her. Her mind and senses raced, looking for a way to the ground below. At last an idea came to her, and her boots took a place on the edge of the old building, her faithful gun tucked into her pants for the moment. Silently she counted down from three, and then she leapt, her bronzed hands clasping the thick black wire that was connected between two steel power columns. She swung for a moment, and when she was sure she had a tight hold of the line, she let go with one hand, and grabbed her gun, aiming perfectly and letting off several bullets. The line snapped from where it had been, and down swung the woman, sparks flying from the end of the cable. Stories passed beside her in a blur, and quickly Eo dropped the line as she approached the ground, landing on one knee. Picking up her gun from where it had slid away a few feet, she looked up to the roof, and staring back at her were none other than the beasts, barely able to be seen as the moon took hiding again behind the dark clouds. They too seemed to be searching for a way down, and Eo found this an opportune time to fire at them, for even though they were aware of her presence, they were more focused on the way down than anything else at the moment. She squeezed the trigger, her aching hands holding the gun tight. Shrieks of agony were emitted as the bullets hit their marks, and as quickly as the bullets were firing, the beasts were moving. Down the building they started to climb, their claws digging into the thick concrete as they winded their ways down. Eo did not move, finding this too much of an chance to waste. She continued to fire, aiming now at one who was bleeding a trail of red on the stone building. Closer they came, coming down the walls at an alarming rate, and Eo swore she could hear their breaths and see the whites of their eyes. She knew she had to move, had to run, or she would be the one to fall. But her gun was persistent, and she knew the beast was close to its end. As it were, in moments the beast lost its footing, and fell fast, hurdling to the ground and falling not far away with a sickening snapping sound.

Eo spent no time waiting around, for the other beast had reached the ground, and she did not think he wished to feed more. Upon his own kind, that was. She turned into the steamy street, the water sloshing around her feet as she turned again into the tangle of back alleys, knowing it was far best to run than to confront the beast, no matter how wounded it seemed. She ran through the fog, knowing well the sound of claws scraping the concrete was closer than ever. She ran knowing that if she slowed at all, it would cost her life. She ran, and reached a dead end. It was a brick wall, solid brick on all three sides. The only way out was to run straight into the monster that pursued her. Quickly she turned her back against the wall, holding her gun once more in front of her, ready to shoot at any moment. It had to be one shot, for she would not get any other one in. She stood there, silence surrounding her again, her heavy breathing seeming to reverberate around her.

And there it was. The hulking shape of the beast, emerging from the steam with its glowing red eyes, its fangs bearing and dripping with saliva, hungering for the blood of another. Eo's eyes glinted, and she pulled the trigger, aimed perfectly at the beast's forehead.

Click, said the empty gun. It took her a moment to realize her gun had no bullets. Click, click, click. She pulled the trigger, praying this wasn't happening. But, nothing. The animal just stared, and uttered a low sound that indeed sounded like laughter. Eo's golden eyes widened ever slightly, and she slowly put her arms down, her hands shaking. She had no weapon, and was against a beast twice her size, with glistening claws and fangs stained with years of blood. Oh, merciless God, she was going to die.

The animal lunged, shrieking its desire, and quickly Eo rolled to the side, tossing her gun at the animal and hitting him in the head. This of course did not damage to the burly beast, but it turned and leapt upon her, its body keeping her legs pinned. But her arms were as quick as the creature's leap, and she held the jaws of the monster inches away from her face, one hand on the top and the other opposite, grunting at its strength as she barely kept it from biting down upon her. She began to pull as the monster bore its weight down, and apart the jaws began to move, farther and farther. The stubborn monster snarled, spraying Eo with its saliva, but it would not budge from the spot in which it was so close to getting its prey. Bearing the pain, the monster's jaws continued so, spreading apart as the woman's muscles strained against the monster's will to gain back its mouth. But in moments, a crack sounded, and limply the monster's bottom jaw dropped. A roar of pain was emanated from the fiend as blood began to ooze and drip to the ground from its maw, and up it leapt, standing unevenly upon its two hind legs as its claws scraped at its mouth, trying to rid itself of the pain. Up Eo jumped, to meet the eyes of the beast seconds later as once more it took an offensive stance.

The brute sprung again, its jaw flapping around as its claws struck the target of the woman, who's back was against the wall. Repetitively they struck, over and over, like a grizzly bear mauling its quarry. Her two arms blocked the damage to her body, but in turn they were quickly mutilated, flesh torn open and blood dripping. But quickly up her boot came, catching the monster in the lower gut, and knocking the wind out of the animal's chest. Her arms seared with pain, but they set to work quickly as she spun around, grabbing a good hold of the animal's muscular arm and twisting it behind the mammoth's back as its eyesight regained from the hazy state in which the beast had no air. She bended the arm until the bone could take it no more, and along with the jaw now hung the arm, unable to be used. The monster recoiled, burning in pain. Its eyes ran over the woman, and with that it dropped to all fours and was enveloped in the fog in mere moments, the sound of the thing running, and dragging its lifeless arm disappearing into the silent night.

Slowly Eo slunk down, swearing the day God had decided to create grends. She would not see that monster again tonight, of course, but she would again. They, too, were after her for revenge, just like she. They had killed the other thirteen, and in turn, she was the last of the ones who had defeated their race to near extinction. They had taken all in this city, the city of Heorot, where they had taken over. But Eo would retrieve control of the city, like she had been called on to do. Even if she was the last. And in the distance, a too familiar wail to the red moon made the woman shudder and draw her empty gun close to her for comfort. The call rang through the empty city, through the deserted streets and vacant homes. It cried a song of retribution. Of retaliation. Of getting the blood of the only remaining warrior.