"Monday night

Contemplating the future of

Two star-struck lovers

Faces bright

In a world that doesn't believe in them

Counting the seconds,

The minutes that

Turn into hours

And finally from days to a year

Full of

Forgiving sighs and 'take me away''s

This ever-changing faerie

Her determined soldier

So perfect in their chaos

Flying high and


From kisses that last a lifetime

Ignoring envious stares

Glares from those that don't understand

Two broken people finally


In each other's arms

Collapsing from the street to

The bed

With her fiery temper

His cool demeanor

And knowing it could never be wrong like

Mommy and Daddy say

Because what do they know


Strong hands;

Her comfort in the long daylight.

Blue-gray eyes;

He loses himself every time.

Brought together by a

Summer night

water. light. magic.

Eternity found on a Riverside bridge

Forever sealed with a ring

Glittering on a


Finger, tracing

The lines of his face as he goes


The soul cries in joy

For they are


And the same: trusting

That a hard love is better than none

At all

Sweet freedom from loneliness

Heartstopping, pulseracing touches

White with black stars


In their veins

His checkerboard angel

Her techno savior

So tangled up in sheets and


That you can't tell where she ends

And he begins

'i love you

i love you

i love you!'

These two,

No one can compare

No one even dares,

Because it's simply


How they crave the solace that only they can feel

Her crazy nature

His bedroom voice

This is the life they have always longed for;

This is the life they lead."

11:03pm 8/15/2005