Insurance Policy

It's like this shouldn't work

Three years and still we fit

Hand in glove

Four on a limb, comfortably

We lie in tangled sprawls




It shouldn't be this easy

Or this hard to let it go

Cause I'm missing this already, and this time I can't fight it

So I'm aching

The four of us.

We've replaced you now

And lost one other

But it's not the same for all our trying

All our drifting.

Its not even as if you're that far away

Four hours

A year, for all it matters

We can't go back, really

We didn't talk about the tension

It didn't matter

It wasn't there with you

Like it is with the others

The other four

Two of us

Two of them

I just want that back

I want the ease

The acceptance

No questions asked, no risk

No bounds

And then, perhaps this way its better

We mend, rewind, reshape with years

And differences that might matter

Don't, 'cause there's not enough time to see them

And the secrets we don't know

You don't know

I suppose there are those I don't know

Can't hurt us

Insurance policy friendship

'Cause in the end

It's the miles that matter

Not the time it takes to travel them

I finally figured out how to space these things. Or at least, its working right now...if it isn't when I post this, well, what can ya do.