Quick Summary: Abigail Espadero is in love with her sister's boyfriend. Disgusted with herself she tries to ignore her feelings, but is it as bad as Abigail thinks? And what will happen when tragedy befalls one of the teens… how will the others move on…?

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Chapter OneHow was your summer? Jeremy Alexander

"I still don't see why you won't look him in the eye." My best friend Anastasia poked me in the ribs. I shot her a fake, annoyed look.

"You know why, Anna."

"No I don't… so why don't you tell me?" she smirked. I glared at her.

"I don't know…" I answered lamely. Anna poked me in the ribs again. I opened my mouth to retort at this action, but froze as a figure walked across the field to a brick planter. My jaw dropped what felt like a thousand feet. There he is… Jeremy Alexander…

Anna saw my jaw drop and turned.

"Oh, I see." She said slowly, turning back to me and wiggling her eyebrows. I ignored her and continued to stare absent-mindedly at Jeremy…

From the very first day I laid eyes on Jeremy, I've had a crush on him. He's gorgeous, tall, tanned, has an athletic build, deep green eyes, ebony black hair, and a fine, chiseled face. An air of confidence and deep allure engulfed him when he walked down the hallways at Newman High. Every girl wanted him, and every guy wanted to be him.

"Silly girl. Just talk to him!" Anna said, getting my attention with the remark. Just thinking about it made my face flush.


"Why not? It's not like he'll bite you!" she countered.

"No… but Victoria will…" I said wrinkling my nose. Anna shook her head.

"Baka," she said, "You're scared of your sister?" (Baka is Japanese for idiot, stupid, etc.)

"She's evil! E-V-I-L! If she ever saw me talking to Jeremy without her being there, she'd be after me like that!" I snapped my fingers, "You know how possessive she is."

"Heh, how the hell does he deal with her?" Anna snorted.

"I can't even tell you…" I said softly, looking at him again.

"Oh Jeremy! There you are!" I heard a high voice. Victoria…

My bubbly twin sister came bounding out of the school, her long blonde hair dancing behind her and her blue eyes sparkling. Jeremy looked up and smiled and she ran up to him. I tore my eyes away. I did not need to see this.

"It's not fair, you know?" Anna said quietly, still staring at the lovey dovey couple, "You saw him first…"

I took a bite out of my sandwich and stared at the ground.

"Yeah, I know." I mumbled after swallowing.

Flashback—First day of school, grade 10.

"Hey Abs."

I turned around and faced Anna.

"Hey!" I said, hugging her, "How was Greece?"

"Oh my God! It was SO much fun! I met this guy and he was so…" she fanned herself and I laughed. That was Anna, I thought with a smile, the drama queen. We met in grade four, and we've been best friends, ever since.

Anna is a very outgoing girl, smart, spunky, out of this world, a real risk-taker, unlike me. I'm shy, quiet, and not at all spunky. I'm not much of a talker, but I'm a good listener. I suppose that's why Anna and I are really good friends. She talks, and I listen. She can be a good listener too, especially when I really need her to be. Unlike me, Anna was very pretty. She has long auburn hair with intense ebony eyes that sparkled like onyx marbles. She has a curvy figure, and is an artist. Anna is a very vibrant dresser, and sometimes makes her own clothes. For example, while most girls wear tight, low-rise jeans and tank tops, Anna wears neon mini skirts over black ballet tights, leg warmers, an off-the shoulder t-shirt, and flip flops.

Unlike Anna, I'm quiet, athletic, and withdrawn. It's weird to hear of a quiet girl that plays sports, but without them, I would be lost. I'm also an artist, but I'm not into the visual component. I'm a writer. I write poems and short stories for the school paper once in a while, but only because Anna forces me to. Who am I kidding? Anna doesn't force me to do anything. She encourages me. I love writing for the Newman Voice, the school paper.

Victoria and I are twins, but couldn't be more different, in appearance, as well as personality. Victoria has long blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. I have jet-black hair, and icy blue eyes with emerald green splinters. Yes, we're identical twins, but hate that fact. Because of it, Victoria changed her appearance, and dyed her once ebony black hair blonde, but left her eyes the same. Before Victoria dyed her hair, our parents, friends and relatives would use our eyes to tell us apart. Also, Victoria is a bubbly, lively cheerleader. The popular twin… the girl everyone wants to be friends with. The girl every guy wants to date. I'm just the sister… the tomboy-ish twin, who only has a few good friends, and gets good grades. None of her friends ever bother with me, and only speak to me if they're looking for her. Not that I mind. I couldn't care less about popularity or Victoria. She is who she is. And I'm who I am; a mysterious artist, whom people notice, only if a teacher calls on me, or if Victoria talks to me, which is… never.

"…and then he kissed me! Like, wow!" Anna breathed, pretending to faint against her locker. I tilted my head and laughed again.

"How was your summer, Coupe?" she asked. Coupe was a name she picked up from a show, The O.C, or something like that. TV never interested me… so I wouldn't know which show.

"Pretty good…" I answered, staring at my timetable, "I have Sharma for Bio… who do you have?"

"Sharma." Anna waved her hand dismissively, "What did you do all summer?"

"I went to a tennis camp." I answered, still staring at my schedule, "Do you have Lacus for Anthro?"

"Yeah." She waved her hand again, "Tennis? Oh come on, Coupe. Can't you go one day without playing tennis? Did you meet any guys? Tell me you met a guy!" she widened her eyes a bit.

"Yeah." I said, glancing at her just in time to see her face light up, "Do you have—"

"Yeah, I do." She interrupted. I didn't even ask her the question yet…

"Anyway, who did you meet? Where, and how! I need details!" she demanded.

"My instructor, Carter Alexander. During singles practice. He was helping me with my lobs." I answered like a robot.

"Oh, haha" Anna guffawed, "Seriously. Was there any, you know, chemistry?"

"He's my instructor. It's not allowed. Speaking of Chemistry," I flipped my schedule over, "Do you have Graeme?"

"Come on, Coupe!" she exclaimed, wringing her hands in the air. A couple of freshman glanced at us while they walked by.

"Who cares if he was your instructor?"

I looked up at her.

"I care, Anna. I would be expelled from there, and he would get fired. I don't want that."

"So? Meet with him when you're not in school. Come one, Coupe! Be a rebel!"

"I think I like being different from Victoria, thank you." I said, still staring at my timetable, "Now can you please tell me who you have for Chem?"

"DiOrio." Anna answered, grabbing her bag from her locker.

"Oh, you're not in my class. Too bad… at least we have Bio and Anthro together." I said, grabbing my backpack. The bell rang and Anna winked at me.

"I'm off to English. Try not to get lost while we're apart, Coupe." She pulled a stray hair off my shirt and walked away. I stared after her. What a goof. I smiled and shook my head before turning around and walking to my Chemistry class.


My Chemistry class was pretty small, only about twenty students. There were only seven girls in that class, and all of them sat in the front, except for me, and Jordan Lewis. I sat in the back, where no one could see me. There was an empty desk on my right and I kept my backpack there. Jordan sat beside me on the other side.

"This is a difficult course. Grade ten Chemistry, is not something you should laugh about, understand? It involves a great deal of work, and your mark will show your parents if you worked hard enough in my class." Mr. Graeme recited, handing out course outlines. He stopped at my desk.

"Ah, Miss Espadero. It's good to see you again." He said, smiling at me. I cringed in my seat and smiled back.

"Now here is a student who cares about her future." He said suddenly, causing everyone to turn and look at me. The girls in the front sneered, and someone even whispered, "Who the hell is that?"

"Abigail's been in my science class ever since grade nine, and never ceases to impress me, and all the other science teachers. You lot should take some pointers from her. It would be nice if you sister was the same way," he said, turning to me and handing me my sheet. I smiled weakly and stared at my desk, the crests of my cheeks flushed.

God, why did he have to talk to me? I'm supposed to be invisible…

Mr. Graeme walked back to the chalkboard and began writing down some formulas.

"Now. What's the formula for hydrogen oxide?" He asked, turning around and eyeing each and every person in the class.

Megan Fields raised her hand and giggled before answering.

"Um, like, hydrogen and oxygen?" She answered.

"Oh tell me she's joking." I mumbled, loud enough for the boy in front of me, Billy Atkins, to hear. He laughed.

Mr. Graeme smirked and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Mr. Graeme?"

It was our principal, Mrs. Fairchild. Mr. Graeme opened the door and let her in. I looked down at my desk and began playing with my pen. Mr. Graeme and Mrs. Fairchild spoke for a bit and then she left the room. Mr. Graeme turned to us.

"Class, we have a new student joining us. He's just transferred to Newman from Holy Trinity."

I raised an eyebrow but didn't look up.

Holy Trinity was a prestigious, Catholic school that was filled with rich, and haughty snobs. You were only accepted if your parents could afford the tuition, or if you were offered a scholarship. Newman High was much larger than Holy Trinity, but not as famous. Holy Trinity… ugh.

I heard some of the girls start whispering madly and some of the guys say, "It's done. He's joining the team."

"Class, this is Jeremy Alexander."

I kept my eyes on my pen. Jordan Lewis, one of the few people I talked to, leaned over and whispered, "He's gorgeous!"

I rolled my eyes and looked up. I thought my jaw would slam against my desk…

He was beyond gorgeous! He was tall, maybe 6'3", had dark ebony hair, and deep, bright emerald eyes. He smiled shyly at the class and stood in the front. Mr. Graeme looked through a folder and smiled at Jeremy.

"I see Science is your strongest subject. A 94 percent average, impressive. Only a bit lower than Miss Espadero. Why don't you tell the class a bit about yourself while I get you a book?"

Jeremy nodded and looked around the class.

"Well, uh… I was accepted to Holy Trinity through a scholarship, and I guess it's an okay school. Too many snobs, in my opinion."

Someone pinch me… I must be dreaming…

"My family and I moved here from Mexico, when I was two… I like to play sports. Tennis and soccer are my favorites. I'll jump into a game whenever I get the chance."

Jordan, pinch me, slap me, anything to wake me up from this dream…!

"I like science… I suppose it makes me sound weird, but it's a fascinating subject."

Mr. Graeme's face lit up with approval.

"All right Mr. Alexander, here's your book. And please take a seat next to…"

Oh my God… I quickly scanned the room. Oh no! The only empty seat was…

"Miss Espadero. In the back. Abigail, raise your hand, please."

I slowly raised my hand and Jeremy looked over at me.

"Miss Espadero will explain the course to you during the work period, which is in ten minutes." Mr. Graeme handed Jeremy a textbook. Jeremy walked down the aisle, getting hungry stares from the girls, and sat down beside me after I moved my backpack.

"Hey." He said, smiling at me. I gaped.

"Yeah." I mumbled, then realizing how stupid I must've sounded, I began to blush furiously, and said, "Um… hi. I'm Abigail Espadero…"

He smiled.

"Yeah, I know. I heard the teacher say your name."

More blushing.

"Oh, yeah."

Hi, I'm Abigail Espadero?! What am I, an idiot!? Argh! Kill me, kill me, kill me. God just strike me down right now. Mr. Graeme knocked on his desk, getting the class' attention.

"Okay. No more dilly-dallying. Let's get started." He said. I let out a deep breath as Jeremy took out a notebook and began copying.

End Flashback ---

"Oh well. He fell for Victoria… it's not like she stole him from me. He was open for anyone." I said, glancing at the couple. Victoria was sitting next to him, her legs on his lap, and he was gazing at her. I nearly barfed.

"You can be such an idiot, Coupe. Why didn't you make a move?"


"Coupe? Are you all right?"

No… I'm not all right. I'm in love with my sister's boyfriend… I'm a traitor. I should be shot.

"I'm fine. Just thinking."

"You're a horrible liar, Abi."

She called me Abi. Oh no, she wants to talk. I glanced at her quickly.

"Where did that come from? Who cares if I'm a bad liar?" I didn't meet her eyes.

"Abi… what's wrong." She asked, her voice quiet.

I looked at her.

"What kind of sister would fall in l—,"


"Oh… that's the bell." I said, gathering my stuff and getting up. Thank God…

"You're not getting off that easy!" Anna cried, following me to the school, "I want to know what's wrong."

"Yeah, I'll tell you later." I called behind my shoulder.

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