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"Abi! It's not what you think!" Were the first words to erupt from Jeremy's lips.

"Coupe." Anna stepped forward and I blinked furiously.

"Oh my God…" I took a step back, "That's disgusting."

I whipped around and ran back down the hallway and down the stairs. I heard thunder boom outside and was shocked when rain began to pour on my head as I stormed outside.

It was so hot and sunny a few minutes ago…

I ran down the front steps and instead of going back home, started power-walking down the street. I didn't know where I was going; all I knew, was that I wanted to get away from Jeremy and Anna. The rain soaked me but I couldn't care less. My tears mingled with the rainwater and I tried to swallow down my furious sobs.


"Abi, wait!" Jeremy ran forward and grabbed my arm. I jerked it away violently and whipped around to face him. The rain was furious and had Jeremy and I drenched to the bone.

"Don't you touch me!!" I screamed, tears flowing from my eyes like blood from a fresh gunshot wound, "Don't touch me with the same hands that touched my best friend!"

"Abi, just listen—"

"You were KISSING her!" I widened my eyes and bit my bottom lip so hard I was sure that I would draw blood.

"We were rehearsing! For the school play!"

"Fuck you and your lies!" I hollered. A bolt of anger shot through me and down my arm and before I knew it, Jeremy was staggering back from the impact of my slap.

"I'm not lying, Abi. I joined musical theatre." he said, shaking his head slowly, not even acknowledging the fact that I had just slapped him. He stepped forward and grabbed both my hands.

"I swear to you, I would never cheat on you. Never."

"You're a liar." I whispered hoarsely. Jeremy leaned down and kissed me. For a moment, I wanted to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back madly but I forced the feeling away and shoved him back.

"Get off me!"


"How could you do this to me?" I screamed, swiping my wet, mattedbangs from my face, "I thought you loved me!"

"I do love you, Abi! With all my heart and soul!" his eyes did look sincere as he gazed into my own icy blue orbs.

"Stop LYING TO ME!" I screamed, my fury swallowing all the love I had for him, "You pathetic excuse for a human being!"

I turned and started walking again but Jeremy grabbed my hand once more.

"Don't be like this." he said, the rain drenching his hair.

"What am I supposed to be like?" I wrenched my arm away, "HAPPY?! HAPPY THAT YOU AND MY BEST FRIEND WERE MAKING OUT?! In her own bedroom?!" I wanted to hit him again, but I couldn't bring myself to, "You kissed me, minutes before you kissed her! Did you forget about that?!"

"Abi, stop it!" he snapped, "Nothing is going on with me and Anna! You're the one I love. You! My heart doesn't belong to anyone else."

"Shut up!" I screamed, shaking my head furiously, "Just shut up!"

I glared at him.

"I was such an idiot, huh?! I actually thought that you loved me! Meanwhile, you were just playing me! You were using me to get to my best friend!"

"NO!" he yelled, "Abi that's not true."

"I actually thought that the smart, handsome, athletic and kind Jeremy Alexander would fall for the shy, ugly, and nerdy Abi Espadero. Ha, I was such an idiot. Why would he fall for her, when he could have thebeautiful, talented, risk-taking Anna Warner?!"

His beautiful green eyes held so much confusion and betrayal.

"I gave you my heart and soul!" I sobbed, my tears choking me, "I gave you everything I had! How could you do this to me?! How could you?!"

I slammed my fists against his chest and bit back more ferocious sobs.

"You saw me when I was invisible!" I screamed, "And I loved you for that! You saw me even though I had built an invisible shield around myself! You took the time to get to know me! You loved me!The real me!" My tears kept gushing from my eyes like Niagara Falls but I couldn't care less.

"Would you just listen to me?!" Jeremy hollered. The tone of his voice scared me.

"We were rehearsing for The Sound of Music, Abi!" his eyes pleaded with me and for a moment I saw tears glistening within them, "You have to believe me."

"I can't." I sobbed, "I can't believe you."

"Abi, God, please…" he reached forward to embrace me, "You're the first girl I've ever truly loved. The only girl who can honestly set my heart on fire."

"How can you lie right to my face!?" I screamed again, my anger flaring, "How can you possibly look me in the eye and lie?!"

"I'm not lying to you, Abi." he blinked as rain dripped from his lashes into his eyes, "I love you, and I would never hurt you."

"You're lying…" I stepped away from him slowly, "I can't trust you anymore. I love you, Jeremy… I will always love you, but… after tonight… I don't know if I can ever trust you again…"

"No, please," he stepped forward and I took two steps back, "Don't, Abi… please…" Sobs were threatening his speech and I felt my heart wrench with pain, "Don't throw this away."

"I'm not… throwing it away…" I whispered agonizingly, "You threw it away. The second you laid your lips on Anna's… it's ironic, isn't it, Jeremy?"

His eyes blazed into mine and I tried to laugh. "You were jealous of Apollo, when right under my nose, you were getting together with Anna."

"Abi I would die for you!" Jeremy insisted, "Anna would never cheat on Tegan, and I would never, ever cheat on you! I love you! So much! You were there for me when I needed a friend. You were there to make me laugh, and to love me."

"And I still do." I insisted, "Which is why this is so hard."

Jeremy shook his head slowly as my cries ballooned into angry shouts again.



I turned around and ran down the road. The rain blurred my vision as I stepped onto the main road. My sobbing made it difficult for me to breathe and I gasped loudly when I tripped over a ditch and fell to the ground. I felt my knees being torn open by the gravel and cried out in frustration. I tried to stand up but slipped and fell back down. I slammed the ground with my balled fists and screamed in agony. I sobbed and sobbed for the love that I had lost, and for the 'friend' who had taken it from me. I heard Jeremy shouting my name and screamed the words I never thought I would ever say to him in my life.


Suddenly, a horn blared loudly in my ear and I looked up in time to see a blinding white flash in front of my eyes. I widened my eyes and opened my mouth in a silent scream. Jeremy's voice echoed in the moist air.


The last thing I saw, was Jeremy's handsome, kind smiling face and I was surprised to feel my lips twist into a small smile.

"I'll love you, forever, Jeremy."

And then everything went black.

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