As everyone else;

See me, see them, see you,

see us. See one.

Same blood, same heart,

same in skin and bone.

How not same in spirit?

Why not…

Everyone needs,

everyone wants,

everyone feels.

I love, I lose,

I cry and bleed.

Don't you?

living, laughing, surviving.

My fight is for you,

for me, for all.

All who breathe

and all who couldn't stand to


All with stolen voices.

For yours and mine.

For the people,

by the people,

all equal

under the law.

Why is it

we can stand together,

as one, as whole,

until my lover is named?

I love him, her, you

don't you?

I fear, I'm afraid.

The future threatens to be dark,

the past does frighten,

and still

I dream. I try.

I forgive,

but I remember:

we've all fought,

been punished, been persecuted

been killed.

Than we realise,

as we are different, we are the same.

We stand together. We survive.

Don't you…

I thought

we were all human,

all in this together,

all looking to live, to be.

I know I'm human,

I'm real.

The question now,

Why don't you?