wanted. wanted. wanted.

full form perfect (ad)diction,


melting crayons under a freedom induced facade,

and delusions in the color of



late night plans.


Just because I hinted that

i wantedto befuckedby ou,

here. now. little girl out-of-control.

You have a condom lets play



(the) Butterfly smiles, she knows

how irresistibly charming you are

and tonight

you get to teach me to fly.

Teach me promiscuity, baby,

and kiss me till I bleed.


Hair clips snapped,

clothed becoming undone,

girl becoming detached and


I don't care about you either.





(I think I left my morals in the explosion

of us.


and my silly "broken heart" in the flames)



Little girl -unvirginal- and lies so she's