I wished

I never met you,

You knew I would,

When you said those things,

Slapped me in the face,

You knew I'd wish.

Yeah you did.

I know you were hoping

That maybe the stars

Wouldn't shine

This night,

But they did,

And guess what?

I wished I never met you.

You hurt me,

And yet you say,

You can't live without me.

And that's the truth.

And I know,

You would die if I left you,

Because then

You wouldn't have

Anyone to hurt.

And quite honestly,

That would kill you.

Well I loved you,

No doubt about that,

How would we end up together otherwise?

Two peas

In the wrong pod…

We were

Quite the controversy.

But you need to stop,

You're sick.

You hurt.

I wish I never met you.


You hurt me

And in your opinion

(But who listens to your opinion?)

I hurt you,

So if you think about it,

It would be better

If we never met.

Then we'd be two strangers,


Maybe saying hello,

A blurry if not pleasant memory…

I know you wish for the same too.