Unite with oblivion

Is it unveiled,

Do I decieve?

The silence never lies,

It tells only truth.

But- sometimes,

We tell ourselves... something,

Other than our pounding hearts, and sudden breaths,

Is functioning, growing, existing... awakening.

Always watched, by the ever waiting.

No spirit,

No ghost.

Negative energy,

It feeds, it sucks the life out of us.

The silence will never delude,

But it will neither be our ally.

Not a weapon,

Or a friend.

The silence will eat away at us,

Until our core... reveals the one thing we fear most.




This is why silence will never decieve.

If we believe in our deepest fears,

They animate.

Fear, is only distortion from the truth.

Once we unite with nothingness,

Our core is indestructable.

There is nothing to fear... but fear itself