'learning curve'

Your face is simple, yet profoundly -not.
Deep lines sag, peppered with resignation,
hinting at decay.

(Your milky, unblemished scalp is
It's like a ricepaper stocking,
sweetly sheer; it's a glass photograph,
dipped in sugared air.
This paleness is like moonslices;
vanilla flirts as a colour, though it's
really just dirty white.)

Your eyes are deepened, and reverberate
pain, yet they smile with a determined

I wish I had more to offer.

J.H 18/08/05

A/N I watched a disturbing advert featuring a child with Leukemia.
Changes your perspective on a lot of things in life sigh I'm
not so sure about the ending, I edited it loads but it still seems
unnatural. Let me know what you think :)