Suck in the iced air

That you once thought was pure

Lie down and stay in bed

They'll never find a cure

Call in the spirits

That drown you in your sleep

And cry for the end to come

So that you may be at peace.

The cold wind whispers

Darks words into your ear

Words that have always been deadly

Words you've always wanted to hear

The black sunrise casts

Wicked wishes into your soul

Wishes that have always been empty

Wishes that you've wished were yours.

Don't sing to the blank night

The stars won't hear you call

Just keep looking down below

You do deserve to fall

Now you see burned angels

Beckoning to you to come

Listen to decaying lullabies

As you swim towards the sun.

This is your life right now

This is where you stand

With hatred filling up in your eyes

Waiting for your command

Watch in the mirror

As one tear leaks down

Think about where your life went wrong

As you are lowered into the ground.