Wolf by the Ears

We're preached to daily, told of our sins,

Taught what's wrong, and how to treat kin,

There are protests, and stand-ups,

Picket-fence-signs and articles;

But we can't let go

Our materialistic list grows taller

As our moralistic values are stunted

With a push we pull, and a heave we hoe

And a cry we grin,

Though our tears are still apparent;

Our fingers are tangled, in our wolf,

Holding it near by its furry brown ears,

The threat is known, and the teeth are sharp,

But retribution t'will be ours should release;

So here we are, my kin, my readers,

With a wolf caught in our fingers,

Held by the ears,

The teeth held towards our 'lessers',

And claws bound with rope;

But the twine strains,

And our prisoner grows stronger by the day,

For through our protests, our stand-ups, our vows

We feed it our naivety….

So what will we do when our wolf pounces?

Will we be caught unawares, as our world gives way?

As the sky falls, and plaster bounces,

As the thunder rolls and our wolf pounces?

So what shall we do…what shall we do, for my dear…

We have a wolf.......

by the ears.