A New Chapter

By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had just moved to the City of New York

And started going to look for some work,

But that was before I had suddenly ran into

A most beautiful blonde beauty who

Rushing her way to catch a bus to work.

After I had apologized and helped her get

Back on her feet,I''ve told her about my set

Of problems and asked her for some help in

Getting a job anywhere,including the kitchen.

But suddenly,it was when our eyes had met

That we had suddenly realized that our true

Love was standing in front of us and a new

Chapter in our lives has just been opened,

For the both of us had agreed not to end

Our relationship that had began anew.

As for trying to find myself some work,

I was finally able to get a job at New York

City''s very own Word Trade Center

And we were finally married a year later.