Broken Heart Concealed

Memories revealed…

Teardrops fall like rain in empty fields…

The sorrows…the woes of broken hearts, concealed…

Drying tears that are the lead to ones' demise…

Hoping that maybe my heart will not shatter, though it wouldn't be a surprise.

Reaching out to hold your hand, so that I know someone is by my side.

Alone in the darkness.

I'm drowning in the tides.

Living through the same old stories.

Fighting the same old wars.

Continuously screaming out in pain,

But it's like no one can hear it – I'm behind a soundproof door.

So now I try to close the wounds.

As I've tried so many times before.

I hope it will all be over soon.

It seems every time I open my heart,

I let everything out and I feel so empty – so sore.

Silent loss is all that will reside.

And when it all goes away,

I'll still see the one with the heart that is compelled to hide.

Sometimes I feel so caged…

When will it be my turn to fly?

Something tells me this is how it feels…

This is what it's like to have empty shattered dreams…

A tragedy it is when a barren soul can still be stripped of hope.

So with this thought I'd like to know, how do you suppose I'll cope?

This is how my spirit will reside,

Though it will not be revealed.

The teardrops will be gone and dried,

Though my heart will not be healed.

But this is how it goes, when you've little else to shield.

So this is the concession,

of a Broken Heart,