It's mid September in Canary City Florida, orange and red leaves fall from trees in beautiful spirals being caught by the wind and blown down the street. A man who is both a human and a monster strolls down the street heading towards Canary City Park. The man is named Kevin Baker; he smiles as inhales the crisp air sending the sensation of pins in needles all through his lungs. It is such a wonderful day there is no point in spoiling it with business matters, so he closed shop for the day.

Kevin is a tall man in his mid twenties, with long dark hair; he wears his hair long to cover the ugly scar of a head trauma he had received as a child, he is well muscled and well read. He likes to consider himself a Renaissance man one who appreciates both his health, and the pursuit of knowledge; he works out regularly and reads ceaselessly. Kevin runs a small shop in downtown Canary City oriented towards preteen and teenage consumers; his business is usually quite good due to any other shops in Canary City that would attract younger buyers. Down Town Canary City is a small town that's economy is almost solely comprised of ethnic diners and antique shops.

Kevin puts his hands in the pockets of his blue jeans as he walks towards the park, out of the corner of his eye he notices a little girl, blonde haired and blue eyed skipping behind him. She looks about eleven, in the awkward age between child hood and puberty. Kevin slows down his pace a bit, until he is matching steps with the little girl nothing quite as fine as company, on a day as fine as this.

"Hello little girl." He says politely once she is next to him. She looks up, a pretty young thing, like a small bird. She has a small face with a broad fore head that leads to large blue eyes, no not like a bird. Kind of like a mouse, but cuter.

"Oh, hello." She replies equally polite, she seems slightly startled that he is talking to her.

"Did school just get out?" Kevin inquires, slowing his speed a little more to match her pace exactly. It is just such a fine day out.

"Yes sir, Mr…, umm Mr." The girl says craning her neck up to try and look at Kevin's face. She is a polite girl, trying to make eye contact when talking with someone just like her parents have taught her.

"Mr. Kevin." Kevin says and smiles at her "Are you going to the park? That's where I'm headed on such a wonderful day."

"Yes sir Mr. Kevin. I'm going down to the park to meet with my friends."

Kevin smiles again; children have such innocence, something so amazingly rare. "Well hurry along then, don't want to keep your friends waiting."

The girl waves goodbye and the skips a little faster heading towards the park, she doesn't know why, but the man Mr. Kevin makes her uncomfortable.

Kevin takes no notice of the child's haste, and leans his head back and let the breeze tussle his long raven colored hair; it is just such a wonderful day out.