It is about noon day when Marian hears the gun shots from across the street; the shots had scared her immensely. Ever since the loss of her daughter everything has scared her. The first thing Marian does when she hears the gun shots is duck her head down and scream, her scream is unanswered in her empty house.

Marian is a very sad woman, she used to have a husband, but he left her. She used to have a daughter, a sweet and precious girl named Madeline; but Madeline went missing.

Before her daughter had gone missing Marian had been a business woman of some mild degree of success. It was a fateful weekend when Marian had gone out of town for her job, and she had her mother watch Madeline. Marian's mother Lucy is mildly senile and had fallen asleep in the afternoon, when she had woken up Madeline was gone. It wasn't until five hours after waking up that Lucy had thought to even look for Madeline. Of course a police report was filed, and a search party had been put together. Yet all efforts to find Madeline had failed greatly.

After her daughter had disappeared there was really nothing left of Marian, she floated around her house all day doing nothing. She lost her job, and her income, becoming a pale alcoholic wraith in her self created prison of a home.

After ducking and screaming, the next thing that Marian does, is go peak out the curtained window at the front of her house. She pulls the lush red drapery aside delicately and scans the streets for any sign of the shooter. She sees no indication of gun fire in the streets, but then she almost by accident she sees into Kevin Baker's front window. Kevin Baker lives across the street from her, and she sees him in his front window naked from the waist up and holding what appears to be a gun.

The next thing that Marian does is extremely important, she runs from her window to her telephone that she keeps next to her couch. After picking up the receiver, and listening for a dial tone she promptly dials nine-one-one and speaks to the police.

It is around twelve twenty-seven when the police arrive at Kevin Baker's house. The two police officers step from their police cruiser onto the smooth pavement of Kevin's driveway.

The first police officer, the man who was driving is named Andrew Cohen. Even though he is aware of the recent disappearances in the area, he has no idea that he will soon be encountering the monster that has caused them. Indeed Officer Cohen's mind is not on the job, instead he is day dreaming of frisking young teenagers to make himself feel better about the argument he had with his wife. Officer Cohen figures that the gun shots were an accidental discharge, or some dumb ass having target practice in his back yard.

The second police officer who exits the cruiser, is sharper than Andrew Cohen, his name is Brett Holland. And Brett Holland is expecting to find trouble; he infers that since six shots were fired in rapid succession that something bad has happened. Although Officer Holland has no true concept of what he is going to see when he enters Kevin's house, which will haunt his dreams for years afterward.

Both officers approach the door, and ready their weapons. Officer Cohen knocks on the heavy front door with the back of his fist.

"This is the Canary City police department, please open up." Cohen says projecting audibly. There is no answer from inside the house. Officer Cohen knocks again, and calls for Kevin to open the door again. Again he gets no reply. He threatens to bust down the door, again no reply.

Cohen and Holland take down the door, and rush into the house shouting, their guns ready to be fired. Inside is Kevin pressed up against the far wall, he is crying. His gun is pointed at his head and he continually hammers the empty chambers hoping for a bullet to defy logic and to materialize and end his wretched existence.

On the floor in the center of the living room is Jackie's headless body, naked except for bullet holes and the occasional writhing grub.

"It was just so hard to kill her." Kevin says, tears streaming down his blood spattered cheeks. "But I finally did it."