Charlie lit his cigarette and drew from it reclining his back against the broad and bare oak tree behind him.

"You Scarecrow," He called to a tall lanky boy across the way, "How the preparations coming?"

The boy turned to Charlie, "Fuck you that's how they are going."

Charlie chuckled and stamped out his cigarette, that was just the spirit they were going to need for tonight.

The brushes on the outside of the clearing rustled and James stepped through, he had black garbage bag nestled under his arm and he walked slowly and deliberately towards Charlie. "Got what we need Charlie."

Charlie accepted the bag and opened it inside were three Halloween masks and three straight razors, shiny and new. The Halloween masks themselves were of a devil, a classic skull, and that of the big bad wolf. Tonight was so perfect, he could feel the energy flowing through the air and soon the Trick-O-Treaters would be out, soon the fun would begin.

Scarecrow trudged over, "Everything is all set up for our guests. Now let me bum a smoke." After lighting the cigarette he received from Charlie, he sat down next to him on the tree. "How do you think this is gonna go?" He mused looking towards the sky.

"I think it's gonna be fucking rad." James said plopping down next to them and picking up the big bad wolf mask, "They got this things detailed to a fault."

Scarecrow turned to Charlie; "You know we could get in a lot of trouble for this."

Charlie just laughed, "That's what it's all about to you, getting in trouble or not. You want me to walk you home and tuck you into bed so that the big mean Police don't find you?"

"Yeah fuck you, hey check this out." Scarecrow stuck his tongue out and put the cigarette out on it.

"You're a freak." James said affectionately pushing Scarecrow lightly.

The sun started to set and soon the brats would be out, Little Dead ripe for the picking, just a little bit longer until they could get started. Soon the fun could get started.

Charlie stood up, "Let's get this show, on the fucking road." He pulled the skull mask on and took up his razor blade. Scarecrow put on the devil mask, and James donned the wolf mask.

"Let's wrangle us some kids." James said laughing happily; this was going to be great.

The trio hid in various parts of the bushes just where they could se the street and when their "guests" would be arriving.

The street itself was dimly lit by a nearby street light, and the cool crisp air held high the air of tension that always lingered out with Halloween.

After about half an hour of waiting and swatting at nearby flying insects the trio's patience paid off and in the distance the sound of a group of Trick-O-Treaters started making their way towards their hiding spot from the distance. The trick or treaters voices carried down along with their foot steps it was sort of a strained leasure conversation, and no matter how hard they tried to hide their excitement and fear, the constant darting of their tiny flash light beams told the truth through all the lies.

Charlie motioned to the others from his hiding spot to make sure that they saw the brats coming, and Scarecrow and James acknowledged him.

In the bushes the small click of razor blades could be heard through the crickets chirping, but the children didn't notice.

Charlie smiled, the adreneline was pumping through his veins making him strong, making him excited to be going through with this.

Right as the children passed by, Charlie and his group jumped from the bushes screaming and yelling, the adreniline rush was euphoric and it was even more contenting to hear the screams of the children.

As soon as Charlie's feet hit the ground he ran to the closest brat and got him in a choke hold, his cool steel razor blade only a hair's breath from the child's warm fleshy throat.

"All right you little fucks!" He said trying not to grab too much unwanted attention. He turned behind him to see that his friends had the other snot lickers in the same hold. "Make a noise and you die."

The kid in his arms started sobbing, his body shuddering in Charlie's arms, "You won't really do, it this is just a joke."

Scarecrow spoke up, "Okay we scared them, let's just let them go."

Charlie turned to him, "You dumb fuck. We are going all the way this ain't no joke. All the way."

The child the Charlie was in current possession of wet himself, and passed out sobbing into a shuddering heap

"Let's move on shall we?" Charlie felt as if he was getting a hold of things, and the sense of power he had was even more exilerating, this was going to be fantastic.

The three dragged the treaters through the bushes into the clearing where the preparations had been made. In the middle of the clearing lay three potato sacks and a length of rope. Everything was going just perfect.

All of the little brats put up almost no resistance as they were tossed into a potato sack each. Scarecrow secured the sacks with the rope tieing them together in intricate knots, he had somewhat of a glazed look in his eyes as he did it, as if he still could'nt be real.

Better believe it's real, better believe Scarecrow, 'cause we are going all the way. Charlie thought. Just like a football game, we could go all the way.

James turned to Charlie, "Hey man. We can't get them to stop whimpering, they may give us away."

Charlie walked up to one of the bags, kicking it with the toe of his boot, "They better be quite, or we can just put them all in the same bag." The whimpering from the bag stopped. And Charlie sneered at that.

"What do we do now?" James inquired.

"Just relax James, just relax." Charlie set, sitting down on a piece of wet ground next to one of the potato sacks.

Scarecrow nervously sat down next him. "Hey man, I need a smoke. To calm the nerves ya know." Charlie grudgingly dug into his jacket pocket and handed him the pack, "Just take the whole god damned pack."

"Gee thanks man." Scarecrow said, waiting a minute out of the shock of the action then lighting himself another cigarette he really needed to quit. The things could kill him, his mom said.

In about ten minutes, the person they had been waiting for arrived, a tall, well dressed man. He had neatly combed short blonde hair, and carried a brief case around with him, he looked something like a businessman or a lawyer.

All the boys, (except the ones in the sacks of course,) stood up to greet him.

"Hey man, how you doing?" Charlie asked, offering his hand "You got the money."

The man walked up and shook Charlie's hand, "Of course, I am a man of my word." He said, "Fifty thousand for the three children, that is what we agreed upon isn't it?"

James spoke up, "Yeah man, the kids are in the potato sacks." This conversation obviously didn't fall on deaf ears, because the potato sacks began to squirm around and whimper anew.

"Good, good, I need you to carry them to the lake with me." The man said politely as if he were speaking of the weather.

Each one of the trio picked up a potato sack and began walking with the tall man who was now leading the odd party.

After about ten minutes of walking through the thick wilderness, they came upon one of the local lakes, a small little thing, that was more like a spring.

"Okay, set the children down, but don't leave, I want you to be around for this."

The man causaully walked up to one of the potato sacks and threw it into the lake, smiling a little as he did so. The man had a bright warm smile James noticed even in his advanced state of shock.

The man began to chant, inchoherent evil sounding sylabuls, and then he tossed the second child in. The man continued, and continued chanting, and the three boys stood in terrified awe. This was going all the way.

After the third child had be tossed in, the group waited staring at the surface of the water as if waiting for something to happen. And then something did happen the water began to bubble and froth, like a swimming pool's wave machine. A hand reached out from the violent surface of the water, a dark scaled hand, the hand was followed by a arm, and the arm by the head and body of a strange, and awful creature.

The creature stepped on the water as if it were a solid surface, and walked onto the land, he was prodigous, he was at least nine feet tall, covered in scales and tentacles that writed about his body. His face was a crushed in parody of a human and bright red eyes smoldered behind his destroyed visage.


The creature nodded and walked towards Charlie. Charlie locked up his nerves giving away, along with his bladder as he wet his jeans. The creature grabbed him and bit down into his chest, the huge teeth in it's maw ripping through his flesh into his heart.

Before Charlie died, he wondered if being in the creature's stomach would be anything like being in a potato sack.