In All Honesty
E.M. Hunton

Don't lie to me
because when you do it hurts
but don't get confused
you don't determine my worth
It just so happens
that when you expect honesty
out of me
I expect the same.

And I understand that you have problems
and issues and wounds that hurt
but sometimes healing is in loving
and sometimes by pouring out
we receive more than we had in the first place.

It sounds crazy, I know
but I'm learning that
some backwards things are true
and some forward things are false
and sometimes in being selfless
we find we have more.

I remember you told me once
that you care about me
And I know that's from your heart
but I wish you would see
that all of my words
are in love and sprinkled with truth.

Sometimes we have to get over ourselves
trust me, I see it every day
but just because no one else is
you aren't excused from it either.

Know that I love you
and in that love
you may hurt me unknowingly
but I won't stop
crying out for you.