Well looky here at what I found
A big ol' pole stuck in the ground
I'll put a banner on its top and watch it wave
I'll stand and gawk at my superficial boundary

A righteous place that I can call mine
Because in here we're enclosed by lines
They're lines that distinguish us, though you can't see
They're lines that make our superficial boundary

The other day someone set foot on my land
I said this property is mine, can't you see my flag?
Don't plague me with your culture or your pleas
Why don't you just tiptoe back over my superficial boundary?

A boundary for one – a boundary for all
A whole bunch of boundaries to divide the world
We'll pick and poke at the varying societies
We'll never know they only exist with superficial boundaries

Well looky here at what I found
Strife caused by boundaries all around
Who knew such distinction would be a shame?
I guess we wont find out in our superficial boundaries.