Against All Odds

Welcome to our world
Against all odds
We are the ages you
Will never
U n d e r s t a n d

- x -

Teenagers, if you notice
Boys, girls, gays, lesbians
we speak beyond worlds
Do what is wrong
Mend what was seen b a d

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary
Knock before you step inside
Behind the door
Against all odds
Keeps secrets we wish to hide

as for our cell-phones and I-pods,
Downloading music and online journals
We prefer you leave us technically shut
No ifs, no's, or buts
CONNECTED by a dear internet server

Cars, in this case, we pick what we see is right
Whether it's cheap, rich or fast
Mother, Father- can't you see
Listen to me
We CAN pay this with our "cash"

- x –

Do you now understand our purpose?
Teenagers, leaders of Against all Odds
We are connected, wired-in rebellions
Purposely inhabiting inhibition (RELIGIONS)Against the adults who think they are our G.O.D