like liquid diet girl perfection

and pretty pretty razor blades

on curveless thighs.

but i told you. they aren't mine.


midsummer wonders-

bubblegum and soda-pop,

alcohol and nothing else

all-day (but it's not like I count calories)

It just blurs/works quicker that way.





I support addictions.

and things that make us fall

(all) over (again).


with all these midnight drives,

taking in suggestions for

coping mechanisms

and getting lost in cornfields...

with the boys in the backseat

playing danger.


Candy smells of vomit and we

lose ourselves in musical explosions

and muffled whispers/whimpers/screams.



Things are beautifully

random when they're in my head

like graffiti on the walls,

and love notes (teenage jokes) written

in the school's bathroom stalls,

to no one in particular.





I love the world in chaos

and poetry.