Gleaming white, brilliant, blinding

My dazzled eyes hesitate, but they know this path well

The low hum, steady warmth in my lap

Keys clack, sounds briefly unfamiliar, but pattern takes hold

Seizing me, guiding me

Unlocking parts of me I keep silent

Cannot hold

Feel too strongly but aren't felt at all until they appear

Black shapes

Or red

Whichever color I choose

And now

As starlight bursts around me

Unfettered by the walls

I drift

Mind caught in shifting darkness

And the beauty overwhelms me

Mint in my hair

Frantically rubbed to chase away my ghosts

Soft and yielding, dew strewn grass gives beneath my feet

Bare and vulnerable they trust the breath of wind that guides them

Lending shape to my path

Lightly they fall

Then heavier then lighter as I begin to run

To fly

Throwing dignity to the wind in a drunken haze of moonlight where the moon would be if there was a moon

Twirling like I did when I was a child

Round and round until the stars spin bleeding shining arcs around my head

And a firefly holds the wisdom of the universe

Mosquitoes dart in and away

Caught in the same dizzy laughter

I soar mind lost on cloudless skies

I lie against the earth

Sliding down the roughened surface till I make full circle

Lingering at the poles where bitter winds rip away all memory of summer

Then I am back, breathing slowly, savoring, devouring, the peace

There is twilight in my mouth

And the dust of stars lingers in my hair

Hands black against the sky

Blacker than the sky

The sky is not the black void it is in my dreams

It is filled with light and wishes and patterns made by drifting eyes

Tumbling around me

Waves of dark silk chlorinated into cascades of curls

My hair flies heavy out around me

A formless halo and I feel

As I don't often feel

Free and wild and pure

Worthy of the halo

But heaven sits ill upon my tongue

Unless heaven lives where my feet kiss the ground

I am a child of the earth and can conceive no higher place, unless it be the stars

Sweet musk of soil in my nose

I breathe it in like a drug

It is a drug

And I think

My longing palpable upon the violet air so that I reach out and touch it, give it shape

"If only I could stay"