An Ode To Spencer by writerforever

Dedicated to my guinea pig, Spencer 2003 -2005

Tiny and afraid I brought you home

Away from that noisy pet shop

Filled with loud and strange sounds

With your cute little ears

And dark brown fur

You captured the attention of all who saw you

You made friends with Puddles

And you two grew up together

I watched you play

And run, filled with joy

Holding you close

I would talk to you

And you would reply

With an occasional 'squeak'

The time soon arrived

You became an adult

As did Puddles

You fell in love

And you would soon become a father

But on a dark cloudy day

The gate was left open by someone

Hiding in your little house with Puddles

You listened, hearts pounding

The footsteps approached

And the smell of dog was strong in the air

The rest was all too sudden for anyone to remember

Attacking your home

The dog barked

Puddles was bitten

So you rushed forward

Just to be near her

In that terrible moment

The dog's powerful jaws

Grabbed your tiny body

And slung you onto the ground

When I found you

You were barely breathing

Frightened and confused you laid

Blood trailed down your face

With all the courage I could muster

I stroked you gently

Then with a final breath

You passed away

Carrying your limp body in my arms

I cried

With a heavy heart I buried you

Where the tall grass blows

You will never see your children

That have since been born

But you will live on forever

In their tiny faces

For a part of you is within them

Goodbye my little friend

To many this may seem a silly and stupid poem. But to those of you who are animal lovers and knows what it's like to lose your little companions, you'll understand.